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Discussion in 'E-Cigar models' started by Tangaroav, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Check out the Zeuz from vapor4life. I have been vaping on the medium and large models since two weeks. Dual auto/manual modes, 5 volts, 900 and 1300 mah at 2.5 ohms, the smilomisers take 3.5 and 6 ml and are confortable with a rubberlike tip that you can bite on like the real thing.

    The build quality is outstanding and the look is realistic and elegant.

    I am too inexperience to rate their e-juices, but the flavors I have tried, Havana and Menthol are fine.
  2. Softrockstarr

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    I love the Zeus. I bought the small one right after they became available and used it for almost a year before I had a terrible juice accident and ruined the battery. The Smilomizers are amazing cartos (albeit a little on the expensive side) but it worked amazing with their carto tanks too. R.I.P little Zeus :(
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