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5ml 2.8ohm MAP tank review.

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by johnnydotexe, May 16, 2011.

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  1. johnnydotexe

    johnnydotexe Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 19, 2011
    Springfield, MO
    This is my first review, so bear with me. :laugh:

    Ordered and received my 5ml 2.8ohm MAP tank from CoV a few weeks back. Order went smooth, shipping was fairly quick. My only qualm here is their awful e-mail notification system...the first two times they got MAP tanks in stock after I signed up, I was notified up to a week after they were sold out. On this last shipment, I finally got the notification on-time and was able to order one before they were all snatched up.

    Out of the package, this thing is probably the neatest e-cig accessory I have ever seen/purchased. It looks and feels pretty solid, at first I was hesitant about spending this amount of money on something like this but my fears were subsiding a bit once I actually had this thing in my hands. It even came apart rather easily, and wasn't a pain to fill or clean.

    Performance was on-par with what I was expecting, basically an XL 2.8ohm clearomizer with a bigger tank. I noticed this uses an older revision CE2, what looks like maybe a Rev 2. I've only tried Rev5 clearos so I wasn't sure what to expect but this thing worked fairly well with FSUSA 70/30/24mg watermelon. Good hit, nice vapor, only need to rinse/dry-burn it maybe once a week at most.

    That is the only liquid I've run through it so far. I have used this tank on a 3.7v boxmod and 3.7v Omega silver vein. I have not yet replaced the atomizer, and I'm currently trying to figure out if the spare Rev2 XL clearomizers I have will work for this.

    Now for the cons...

    -At 5ml or over, the coil cup will flood and gurgle. I can't seem to find a way to avoid this other than under-filling it a bit, 4.5+ ml.

    -Once the liquid level gets under 3/4 full, I have to start tilting it to wick the liquid better. If I don't do this, I get a weird tasting hit and the empty area of the tank fills with vapor. I don't have to do this on my clearos, and this kind of defeats the purpose of the 5ml tank.

    -The more and more I use this thing, the more it seems to leak liquid in to the coil area. I constantly find myself having to take quick/sharp "no fire" hits to pull all that excess liquid up so I can soak it up with a piece of papertowel so I can go back to vaping. It can be under 3/4 full and standing upright, and will somehow still flood. The rubber cup seems to be tight around the wicks and pushed down all the way, so I'm honestly not sure why this is happening.

    -The rubber gasket that goes over the coil cup works its way up over time, and almost always works its way up when I pull the syringe out after a fill. If I forget to push it back down and re-align it, the coil will flood quite a bit.

    -The biggest issue that I've noticed which seems to worsen the more I use this thing, is the "needles hitting my tongue" feeling. That coil pops a lot and zaps my tongue with little ...... of hot liquid. This is EXTREMELY unpleasant, and was never an issue with my clearos or any other accessory. After a few minutes of vaping, the tip of my tongue has this weird sore/numb feeling. This tank was my daily vape method the first week or two, but this issue has forced me back to dripping and clearos.

    After my experience with this, I noticed something. I always see people ranting and raving about wanting to get a MAP tank, or that they just got their MAP tank...but as time goes by, they don't have much to say about it anymore. I think I can see why, this thing definitely wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

    The fact it needs to be topped off at 1/2-3/4 defeats its very purpose. I went from being hesitant about spending $30-ish on something that costs maybe $10(I'd be surprised if it cost more than $5) to build, to buying it and enjoying it, to absolutely regretting the purchase all within a month. It still works, albeit with problems, but I just don't feel that it's worth such a huge mark-up and find it very hard to recommend it to others for that price. I hate to give such a cool product a bad review, but it is what it is.
  2. six

    six Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 17, 2011
    under the blue sky
    All E2s are not created equal. In fact, a pretty fair number of them seem to suck as far as I'm concerned. When I have a good E2 in my MAP tank, I'm a happy vaper. When I have one that isn't wicking well or one where the coil acts like yours is, I throw it away and cut another one. - Along that line, I've had better luck with the thick wicks than I have the bowties, but I've had a couple of thick wicks that didn't wick worth a darn too. Again, when one isn't wicking well, I pull it, throw it away, and cut another.

    And, it sounds like your E2 isn't seated quite properly. The silicone cap shouldn't move even when you pull the syringe out. Either your E2 isn't pushed in far enough or the metal tube in the top derlin cap isn't inserted far enough.

    A good E2 that's wicking properly will wick the tank to almost the very last drop.

    As to the price.. Well, I have to agree with that up to a point. These things are hand made by one person and I'll bet you his lathe wasn't free. Then, after MAP makes them, he has to ship them to Bruce and shipping sure isn't free. I haven't the foggiest idea of how much a derlin rod costs, but it can't be very cheap. I do have a pretty good idea of what the tubing costs and it does happen to be pretty cheap but certainly not free. - And what's MAP's time worth? How much is Bruce's time worth? 30 bucks seems a little steep, but when you consider labor, materials, shipping, and tools, it might seem a little more fair.
  3. Sewknitty

    Sewknitty Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2010
    Bummer, sorry it didn't work out for you, Johnny. Seems to have been a let-down.

    I don't post a lot about my MAPs because:

    1)Once I finally snagged them and figured out how to clean and troubleshoot there wasn't anything to talk about
    2)The biggest gripe I had was having to put up with a whopping 5ml of one flavor but this was addressed with the cute as heck 2.5ml mini
    3) They're awkward (and scary) sitting on top of my Darwin's fancy electronics so I use them less

    As a ce2 convert I didn't have a problem with a quick flick now and then to wick, though that's not something I have to do often after my wicks are broken in and the silicon cap is seated well.

    Hope you find a juice vessel that works for you soon.
  4. asidrave

    asidrave Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 21, 2009
    New Jersey
    I have been using my first MAP for about a month. My second MAP about 3 weeks. I vape anywhere from 2 to 4 mls a day on either one. Ive replaced the ce2's 3 times on the first one, twice on the second. I bought a 3rd backup MAP and a mini MAP. I have already replaced the tube on my first MAP with tube i bought and cut. I use my MAPS on my provari.

    The MAPS are not perfect but i find them more convenient than dripping and they are very consistant
  5. Tulsa Vette Guy

    Tulsa Vette Guy Full Member Verified Member

    Sep 11, 2011
    Can the wicking material be replaced?? and if so, with what?, My map tank is the best that I have used so far, I will give it a 4 star out of 5, I do have some problem , only very small, with the wicking, As long as it is wet, I get a great vape. I will be ordering my second.
  6. johnnydotexe

    johnnydotexe Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 19, 2011
    Springfield, MO
    The atomizer can be replaced, but the wick itself can't be. All you have to do is buy the non-clear CE2s and cut them tubes down on them. Or just buy the precut/overpriced ones from CoV.
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