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Adding a passthrough power port to a box mod for when batts are charging?

Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by Bocephus, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Bocephus

    Bocephus Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 14, 2011
    I am building a VV box mod and wonder if you could simply add a power plug to use as a passthrough while batteries are charging or just saving them. I am pretty dumb when it comes to electronics. To me it seems like it would be easy to simply have a added power plug but want to check so I do not mess anything up. I use a 2 amp wal wart for my PT.

    I got a rev 2 VV kit I am gonna play around with and also got a set of ultrafire 14500's That I am gonna stick in a Micarta box I am making. The pic they have on their site actually shows "power source" and "battery connection" hooked in different spots with a shared ground but wanna make sure that actually means what my electrically challenged mind thinks it does lol.
  2. AttyPops

    AttyPops Yeah, I type stuff. ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Well, this is just my 2 cents:

    1) Easier to build another dedicated PT box for vaping while you charge the other batts. You don't have to cram connections together in the same box that way and less chance of shorts. And you have a spare device if, for instance, your PT gets run over by the lawn mower while you pick up an obstacle in the yard ;)

    2) But, if you are not space constrained, nor worried about shorts, it seems that a 3 position switch would be one way. Pos 1 = off, pos 2 = batt, pos 3 = USB. Now you may need to add diodes so the USB circuit doesn't activate the parts of the other circuit that you don't want it to..... that would depend on circuit design since the other circuit would presumably be "off" per the switch. So think about it a bit.... maybe post a schematic of your design so you can get advice. And diodes have a voltage drop across them.

    Good Luck!
  3. Bocephus

    Bocephus Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 14, 2011
    The board kit is this one:Variable Voltage Regulator Board Kit Rev 2. Size is not really an issue to be honest. If I need something really small I always have my old Riva batteries. This is more of a around the shop and office VV mod to cut down on having multiple things everywhere.

    I have a passthrough I made already but thought it would be nice to just have a all-in-one unit if its doable. The micarta(its a composite) can be any size really. Was thinking maybe somewhere in the range of 3" x 2" 1" and have the ability to really grind out the inside of the box. Composite also looks really cool when shined up and this stuff I have is almost bullet proof. I have beat chunks of this with a hammer and barely made a dent.

    The three way switch is an intereting idea though I will have to look into that. Look forward to more input from you guru's.
  4. Cool_Breeze

    Cool_Breeze Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 10, 2011
    This past weekend I built a 1" x 2" x 3" Mod Box with mostly componets from MadVapes. Since I had very recently purchased a Rough Stack Starter Kit, I was familiar with the 18350 batteries. I chose to utilize 2-18350s in the Mod Box.

    The box itself is from Radio Shack and had been sitting in a drawer for a few years in my home. I chose it because it doesn't have sharp corners and fits well in my hand. It was necessary to remove all the grove protrusions for circuit boards on the inside of the box. MV battery connectors mounted on a circuit board contain the batteries. This might not be the best but it will suffice for now. A band of two-sided Velcro straps the batteries to the board. I use the MV vv board and an 808 connector along with the same push button as is utilized on the Rough Stack. I was able to mount the vv circuit board where a hole would allow for the variable control to be flush with the outside of the box. I chose not to use an LED. A slide switch was installed as kill switch.

    I was fortunate to have a battery door from another device around and cut an opening in the lid of the RS box to accomodate it. I don't need to undo 4 screws to change the batteries.

    I get a 16 hour day of somewhat heavy vaping out of a charge. The voltage remains quite steady. When it quits, it quits. It looks like the Rough Stack is now my backup.

    An additional pair of 18350s and a double-barreled charger have been orded from MV. New carts are on their way as well.

    Good luck with your projects.
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