Alien Visions E-Juice?

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Dec 1, 2009
    Hello all,

    I am on the hunt for new e-juice. I absolutely LOVE selections from eliquidplanet and Kick Bass Vapors if that offers any help in deriving my certain "taste" for ejuice. I know that Alien Visions offers the infamous "Bobas Bounty" which I haven't tried but have heard plenty of buzz about it on the forums. My question is, Boba's Bounty aside, what do you think of Alien Vision's juice? Which are your favorites? Would you recommend them? Please let me know what you think!!!!
    Sucking down a carto full of Gorilla Juice as we speak! Love Boba's. Didn't like Flue-Cured at first. I personally think it's very close to the experience of smoking an analog; I think that's why -- I felt guilty! Let it steep for a week, tried it again, liked it. The only juice I have from them that I don't care for is their clove -- I was hoping it'd be more like a kretek, but it's straight-up spice rack.


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    Aug 27, 2011
      I was very excited to try Boba's Bounty from all that I have read, but have yet to have tried it. Have been vaping Bounty Hunter for the last few weeks and really loved it, both versions, though I do love the SE version a bit more.
      A girl at work ordered it. Cleaning out an atty I tried some at work. Oh geez. To be honest, for me, it tasted like Redman or Beechnut chewing tobbaco. Its been ages since I have had any, but had odd youthful flashbacks when I vaped it.
      Another girl at work liked it, and one of the guys in the back liked it too, guess taste truly is subjective.
      One of the few juices that I have tried that I really didn't like. Sometimes hype isn't always what it aims to be.
      Truly does have a tobacco flavor though, if you like it between the cheek and gum.



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      Feb 17, 2011
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        PG-Hype = bliss.
        AVE's 555 is the best 555 I've tried.

        Choco Mint is good but very strong flavored. That one is a really good juice, but I would imagine not for everyone.

        Maple Melody is excellent if you like maple. I have had maple and maple tobaccos from just about every juice vendor offering maple - AVE's maple melody is top of the heap. It is also the thickest, darkest juice you'll find so you need to be willing to clean attys and/or discard cartos more often than usual if you use it.

        bobas is one I use almost daily (that's saying something) and gorilla is great but I prefer it steeped a couple of months.


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        Aug 9, 2011
        Bismarck, ND
          Hype is the new Boba's, haven't you heard :) Seriously if you are making an AVE order, don't checkout without hype in your basket somewhere. The root beer is AMAZING as well. Seriously. Get them both. Boba's is wonderful, but if I had to choose between Boba's and Hype, I would go with Hype.

          There are a couple AVE juices I didn't care for. The C&D tasted like a cigarette... I didn't care for it but if that's what you are going for, you will like it. The chai tasted like soap to me. The banana slurry was way too mellow for my taste... didn't have much banana flavor at all.
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