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Another Juicy Clear Review Thread

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by DigitalSmokin83, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. DigitalSmokin83

    DigitalSmokin83 Full Member

    May 4, 2011
    Okay so I have had a chance to try out a lot of Juicy Clear Juices as they have quickly become my Favorite Juice.
    The List is long and i hope this helps anyone who is looking into buying their E-juice
    All the tests were done using a Bloog Maxxfusion Cartomizer and Switching between a Kr808d-1 and a Maxxfusion battery (not really any difference other than no primer puff required for the maxxfusion battery) All liquids are at 18mg

    DuMay Juice - Sweet tobacco flavor with a smokey exhale. Reminds me a lot of the native tobacco cigarettes i used to buy off the native reserves. The smell of the native tobacco is very similar to the taste of this vapor. This flavor and the Hexport A are my goto vapes i use when im out drinking, goes really well with a import beer like Heineken,Stella, or Becks. Again just my Opinion

    Hexport A - Very Similar to the DuMay Juice but this one is a litte more fuller in flavor, Has also more of a Smokey taste, this one is probably the closest i have tasted of Juicy Clear that reminds me of an analog cigarette. This one has awesome throat hit

    Black cherry Tobacco - One of my favorite vapes. Has a really close taste to Cherry Prime Time. Nice Cherry Flavor with a smokey tobacco finish. Great Throat hit. Great as an all day vape, but after a solid few weeks of vaping i did notice that i got kinda sick of the flavor, and had to switch to something else. This one is good with highballs, rum n coke or anything sweeter...not so good with citrus booze.

    Blueberry Tobacco - Another awesome flavor. The taste of the Blueberry is not overpowering so you can easily vape this one all day too. There is a good sweetness to the inhale but not as much on the exhale. I find this to be a good thing becuase i dont like having something too sweet to vape all day. The throat hit to this one is on the smoother side but still more than enough.

    Smooth Peach - Wow this one is sweet. Tastes exactly like those 5cent fuzzy peach slices you use to get at the store when you were a kid, or still do now lol. There is a throat hit on this one but it is subtle. Good for a treat here and there but its just way too sweet for me to vape on a regular basis. I cut mine with a tobacco flavor and it was a good vape...Which leads me to...

    Peach Tobacco - Perfect blend of tobacco and peach this one i can easily vape all day. The peach taste on this one is different than the one above. Where the Smooth Peach had more of a candy peach taste...this one is more airy and natural flavor. Has a mild sweetness to it that is enjoyable all day. Good throat hit, smooth but noticeable.

    Lil Reds Raspberry Tobacco - This one was a miss for me. The raspberry flavor was a bit weird...I have been told that the flavor is a lot better on a high voltage device but i have not had any chance to play with one. I found the flavor had hints of raspberry but there was a chemical backdrop very similar to like nail polish or something. The bottle i got also had almost no throat hit. I have since been cutting this with a chocolate nic liquid and it is very tasty.

    Creme De Menthe - WOW is all i can say. Just WOW. You get everything in this vapor. On the inhale you get more of the chocolate and creamy flavor with the menthol kick, on the exhale you really notice the minty overtones of the juice. My friend and I can sit back talk about random stuff and vape an entire cartridge each in like 2 hours. Great Stuff, awesome throat hit, I normally dont like menthol juices but this one is just amazing. My goto juice in the evenings.

    More reviews to come on the flavors below

    Juicy Clear
    Timmys Double Double, Timmys Iced capp, Green Tea

    Ry4, T5, Vanilla, Cheesecake
  2. Danesnpits

    Danesnpits Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 14, 2011
    Aberdeen, Saskatchewan
    Oh nice! Great reviews! Juicy Clear really has some nice flavors eh!! CDNvapor blueberry and blue cola are rockin' so if you ever get a chance to try em, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE em! I also like the pina colide from JC. damn that is a good desert vape!
  3. terranq

    terranq Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 21, 2011
    Saskatoon, SK, CA
    Try mixing the green tea with the smooth peach. That's my goto vape for the last couple weeks. The green tea cuts the sweetness of the peach, and the peach masks the dryness of the green tea. Really good all day combo :2cool:

    Danesnpits, I just saw your banner, wherever did you find smokes for $3 a pack? lol
  4. Concat

    Concat Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 3, 2011
    Edmonton, AB
    I was using Peach in a cart for a bit, then refilled with Hexport Hey and it made for a pretty good peach tobacco.
  5. canadianrebel250

    canadianrebel250 Full Member

    Feb 2, 2011
    Mental Menthol from Juicy Clear is my daily go to.

    I love a good throat hit, and boy, this stuff has it!

    It is a perfect mixer juice too - tobacco or a fruit flavour go very well with it.

    This menthol flavour is more of the Halls throat lozenge type (not a mint flavour - more like Eucalyptus)
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