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Another way you could (possibly) fix your mod.

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by hazarada, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. hazarada

    hazarada Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 18, 2013
    Vamo 2 was the first mod I've ever purchased, it served me well for a year and a half until the output started getting weaker and weaker until all it was able to produce was around 5w with a full battery. I've kept it in my scrap drawer since then.

    Recently my vamo 5 broke (just wont start and no its not a connection or short issue) and as I was looking for ways to fix it, somebody recommended cleaning the pcb with isopropyl alcohol, it didn't work, still broken. This morning though I figured hey, might try that on the vamo 2 too.

    Since I couldn't get the top cap off (for some reason its on way harder than on any of my other vamos), I just flooded it from the bottom with the stuff and shook it. When I poured out the liquid, surely enough it was filled with black goo and little particles. Did that a couple more times and let it dry off (took like an hour for the lcd to clear up).

    My first surprise was that the buttons were making clicky noise again and had restored tactile response, more importantly though, the power was back! So functionally speaking its working good as new. Maybe this helps anybody whose experiencing similar kind of power decay.

    Also after having used 2 vamo 2's and 3 vamo 5's, I can solidly recommend V2 over the V5.
    1. All the vamo 5's have broken after 4-6 months, the 510 connector threads strip much quicker (due to less physical support from the top cap on a fall) and eventually the pcb dies.
    2. I like the UI of the v2 better, its got less functions but its also quicker to use and less annoying (doesn't turn off on a short, just wont fire).
    3. Both of my v2's still work after having been used for as long as all the v5's combined, each.

    Oh yea, also worth mentioning that the 510 connector on every vamo i've had has started shorting out by itself after a few months of use. Really simple to fix though, just pull up the center pin with a little screwdriver or something, remove the rubber grommet, wrap a few layers of sewing string around it(to cover all the metal), push it back in. Works every time and won't fail again. I've tried sticky tape and/or liquid latex as an alternative but those will fail again eventually from my experience.
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