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atty vs lr atty vs carto vs lr carto - arg

Discussion in 'Joye 510' started by Ru42, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Ru42

    Ru42 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 6, 2010
    Southern Calif
    Greetings my teachers. I debated on where to post this, here, General discussion, or new member. I decided here since I am using the 510. (Mods if you feel elsewhere is more appropriate please feel free to move.)

    OK...every time I feel like I get a handle on vaping I get new a dilemma. I want to beef up my 510 a bit. Seems like an ego batt is an option but that is another chunk of cash to get a couple of batts and a charger.

    I also know I need more atty's and that is where my new confusion of choices comes up.

    I get atty vs lr atty - LR = greater heat = more vape. Please correct me if I am wrong. So, I guess my debate is between buying regular atty vs a carto.

    I looked around for info on the carto but none of the guides I found really discusses it well. So, please let me know if I am wrong on what I have gathered.

    The carto seems to be a cart and atty combined. Looks like that are supposed to be one time use but as always there are mods. People pop off the end (mouth piece end if I am correct) and can drop in 20-30 drops. Seems pretty similar to a regular cart. Am I missing something here?

    So, what is the difference? Since the cartos seem to be much cheaper then a regular atty I assume that means they are supposed to be disposable, at least more so then a regular atty. So, turning over attys more often means you use fresher attys.

    But I read a lot on cleaning regular attys and people can make a regular atty last a long long time; especially for someone like me that does not chain puff the atty.

    Does a carto deliver a better hit then regular carts? Why is one better then the other.

    I am sure personal preference will play a big part in this but any and all comments on the atty/cart vs the carto would be much appreciated. (And if you know a good thread that already addresses my questions please feel free to post that link. I don't want to reinvent the wheel but I looked and couldn't find any posts that cleared away the fog.)

    As always, thank all of you for your time and patient answers.
  2. MichaelOz

    MichaelOz Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 23, 2010
    Czech Republic
    This is my personal experience on the following.

    firstly a better battery is essential if you're going the LR atty route. 2ndly get a better battery regardless, thats the starting point.

    Here are the pros and cons of each method:

    Normal Atty + Cartridge: Possibly the worst vaping experience I've had. Not consistent at all. The filler in regular cartridges suck. Possible improvements are blue foam or the lipton tea mod (haven't tried either).

    Normal Atty + Cartos: Feels slightly underpowered, but by no means a bad vape. Its a huge improvement from the cartridge. The carto is great initially but after a few days needs to be boiled for the best results. Cartos deliver a good TH, but not the best I've had.

    Normal Atty + Dripping: Possibly the best experience I've had. You don't even need a drip tip. Just remove the filler from a regular cartridge. Make sure you apply no more than 3-4 drops at a time. Anymore and you'll get juice in your mouth. It gives a lovely plume cloud, nearly completely satisfying TH. but it does still feel somewhat underpowered.

    LR Atty + Dripping: Gives a fantastic TH mostly and a good plume of vapor (not more than a regular atty). But I've found it has some draw backs. When dripping on a regular atty you get far more hits before needing to drip again. But the worst thing about a LR atty is that it tastes amazing one minute, then the next minute completely burnt. It requires a bit of a cool off time between every 3rd hit to correct this somewhat. And when you drip using a cartridge keep the filler in. This also helps cure the problem of getting juice in your mouth. 3 drops is ideal but runs out quick. 4 drops and you'll end up with a mouth fill of juice. Ultimately its like riding a smaller surfboard, its quicker and more agile on the wave, but harder to master. Compared to a regular atty which is like a longboard, slower and more stable.

    I can't say which is the best. But I can say the method I have found to offer the least frustration is a regular atty, direct dripping.
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