Billow v2 - ohm issues

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Jan 15, 2010
    Hey all.

    I just recently bought a Billow v2 (first rebuildable) and I'm in love. vaping now feels like a new hobby now that I'm building my own coils. It's great! Except for this problem I'm having...

    This is the current build I have: 26 guage Kanthal, 4 - 5 wraps around 2mm = 0.23 ohms (according to my ohm reader).

    However, after a day or two my ohms start to "slip". Meaning, after a day or two the ohm read will jump up to about 0.5 (this morning) and then start resting at a new, higher ohm of 0.26. Sometimes it will go up gradually and the burnt taste gets worse and worse. Even though, initially, my battery (SMOK M80 xPro v00006-1, Eleaf iStick 50W) and ohm reader measured it at 0.23 ohms. This has been happening to me on a very consistent basis with just about all of my builds since I got it. Hopefully the pics will help.

    I wick it the classic style that was recommended which is to leave the wick ends hanging in the juice cups around the side of the tank.




    Thank you in advance for the help! Happy vaping everyone!
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