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Can you be an Analog Virgin but Vaping Stud?

Discussion in 'Zero Nicotine Vaping and Quitting Vaping' started by Adixx, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. jayD

    jayD Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2013
    I smoked many years ago but quit long time ago. Have been vaping for many years, only recently e-liquid/e-cigs. Only vaping 0mg. I started e-cigs because I was already vaping, and I like being able to experience many difference flavors without eating, and I like being able to 'smoke' without harmful carcinogens. I certainly don't feel like the norm around here with all the users supporting each other on their quest to kick analogs, none of that here.
  2. DocRokRx

    DocRokRx Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 23, 2010
    actually just had a facebook conversation today with a friend who vapes pretty regularly (with nicotine though) who only ever smoked cigars maybe once a month
  3. DruidPriest

    DruidPriest Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 30, 2013
    I'm a bit late to the party here lol. But I always advise non smokers NOT to start vaping. Taking ANYTHING in to your lungs "other than air" is not health. And the simulation of smoking can be habbit forming in its self. Smoking is not cool. Vaping is, for most of us, a way to quit smoking.

    Vaping on and off for years. Coffin Nail free since 9/30/13 now Free
  4. FireDragon1138

    FireDragon1138 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 15, 2014
    Orlando, Florida
    I was an ex-smoker for years that got into vaping . I don't think there is a danger of regular nicquid being all that addictive in itself. I didn't find the nicquid nearly as addictive as cigarettes. very little buzz compare to regular cigs.
  5. ForeverDiving

    ForeverDiving Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'be been (was?) a pipe smoker must of my adult life, since college. At the time I also used cigarettes, all the way till I was 30 when I quit cold-turkey 'cause of medical advice. Even with two brief relapses I managed to stay free of coffin nails for 37 years. I took up vaping trying to help a friend kick the habit but when buying and experimenting her gift kit I liked the taste, and since my wife had been bugging me about the stink of the whole house the next morning --not just my studio- I though I'd get me an eGo starter kit as an alernative.

    At the time, two months ago, I had escalated from a few bowls a week to three or four a day -mainly because of work related stress, so it made sense.

    My present problem is that I got hooked rapidly on the activity. Since you can do it much easily than filling, lighting, smoking, cleaning and even finding the time and place to enjoy a pipe, I can even use my PV in my car. The taste is also so enticing that the last pipe I lighted last week is sitting half finished at my desk, and it even burned my tongue!

    Another worry is that I didn't inhale from the pipe, but the vape just didn't seem right not to; didn't taste right actually! Thus, I've started coughing!

    I've managed to isolate the malady to NET juices and some that do taste like tobacco, at the same time I've come out with some natural extracts made from teas & fruit peelings that curiously don't make me cough and even seem to cool my throat & thraquea. I've also started doing them 0 nic as I don't seem to need it.

    Is there any health pro here who can enlighten on the matter?

    In the two months I've splurged a few $100's on the monkey and I'm presently waiting for another VW mod and Kayfun 3.1 from CN. Will be four or five weeks till they arrive so it's not likely I'll revert to pipes —of which I have a good collection– anytime soon, in any case.
  6. ForeverDiving

    ForeverDiving Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    :bump: ;)

    Enviado desde mi SGH-I337M mediante Tapatalk
  7. deavidsedice

    deavidsedice Full Member

    My opinion here may be helpful :)
    I never smoked; but I vape a bit from time to time.
    I don't think of myself as a vaper; i'm not addicted, and i find all of this more like a hobby related to electronics and gadgets (which i like a lot).

    I started on this world almost a year ago, searching for something to help my girlfriend to quit smoking.
    The main reason I vape is for trying what i'm building, or when i try to repair the e-cig. For that, i have 0mg nic liquid vanilla flavour.
    I try to not to vape liquids with nic, but sometimes i do for simplicity.

    Maybe the proof i have that i'm not addicted is that I still have the first 10ml bottle i bought for me last year. My girlfriend vapes about 10ml per week.

    Once, i did vaped a bit hard on a day; and after minutes of intense vaping, i did not like it. It's funny at first (i like to make clouds), but my tongue feels a bit burnt or something.

    Also, where one of the main problems of the smokers is the "social cigarette", when one is a non smoker and anyone sees me using an e-cig they become rude, and stupid; some sort of social disapprove. They say again and again that i may get addicted; and yes i know; and yes i heard them the 1st time, and the 2nd... etc.
    So basically seems impossible to a non-smoker to get addicted to something even if he/she wanted to: there isn't anyone that approves a vaping non-smoker. (at least, here)

    And, even vaping nicotine, seems to be very different to the analog for me. Liquids have PG,VG, nicotine and nothing more. Analogs on the other side have lots of substances to enhance addiction and pleasure. So maybe a non-smoker vaper can be addicted to vaping like anyone can be addicted to coffee, cocoa, alcohol, etc. I read somewhere that nicotine alone it's similar to caffeine in many ways.

    PD: My girlfriend hasn't quitted yet. She reduced from 20 analogs to 5 per day.
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