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Classified Rules

Discussion in 'Member Classifieds and Swaps' started by classwife, Oct 25, 2019.

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    NOTE : You will need to have acquired 5 Non-Spammed posts before you can use the Private Messaging System, placing an ad beforehand is kind of pointless.

    • E-Cigarette Forum provides no guarantee or warranty of fitness for purpose or safety provision or safeguard of any kind whatsoever for the Classifieds section. It is a free service and all risks are assumed by anyone using it.

    • Be aware that Paypal and other payment services have their own policies on the buying and selling of vaping products.

    • Always get a full name, address and phone number for the seller. It is your responsibility to confirm these are genuine BEFORE paying. Use the private message system to communicate any private information.

    • ECF staff will not assist in any way with any trades that go bad. It is, again, entirely up to users of the classifieds to ensure that they have made their own safety provisions.


    • All other forum rules apply to the Classifieds section.

    • The classifieds are not intended for business transactions. Any use of the classifieds for business purposes is in violation of the Classified rules.
    • You may not build mods with the purpose to sell them in the classified section. Building to sell defines you as a supplier and requires you to register as such. Once registered as a Mod Builder(Supplier), you may sell your mods in the Modder/Accessories Supplier Forum.

    • Only e-cigarettes, e-liquid, and e-cigarette accessories may be sold or traded in the Classifieds section.

    • You must not post email address, phone numbers, or addresses in the public forum.

    • You must have possession of items you intend to sell

    • Once your classified listing is complete, please edit your listing and mark as closed.
    • You are allowed to have up to four (4) active/open threads.

    • Bidding on items is not allowed. You must state the price of the item(s) you are trying to sell. Even if you are willing to accept a best offer, state the maximum price so that other members will have an idea of how much money you are expecting to receive for the item(s).


    • At least one picture must be posted of the item you are trading/selling. Posting no picture will cause your ad to be closed and removed from the Classified section. Stock photos will not be acceptable, you must post pictures of the actual item. This shows proof of condition to protect you and the buyer.

    • Must adequately describe the item(s) being sold.
    Like New - No scratches, possible never used or used very little, and completely functional.

    Good - Minor scratches, some evidence of use, and completely functional.

    Fair - Noticeable scratches, noticeable use, and functional.

    Poor - May be damaged or worn considerably, should be functional, may be modified, and should not be considered dependable.

    Non-Working - Self explanatory.

    Once your classified listing is complete, please close your thread by changing the prefix.
    1. Go to your classified thread.
    2. Click "Thread Tools" just above your first post.
    3. Click "edit thread"
    4. Select the "closed/sold" prefix
    5. Click "Save Changes".
    The thread will now be closed
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