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Customers' Comments...please post yours.

Discussion in 'VaporAlley' started by muldrick, May 4, 2011.

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  1. muldrick

    muldrick Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 30, 2009
    Easton, MD
    "This is the BEST VG juice I've EVER Vaped. Not specifically because of flavor, but All-Around Quality. I can sense the Quality on my Palate, its clean & smooth. Combined with nice flavor & an EXCELLENT Throat Hit, it makes for an All-Around GREAT Vape."
    - Dan
    "I’m highly impressed by the vapor production, warmth, and flavor. Much better than a 901 at 6V. It's my current favorite dripping machine …”
    - Scott
    "I think I'm going to weld mine to my hand. I really love it.
    If I were an adult, I'd just put the damn thing down until I get the adaptor, but I can't! It has been 20 years since I had a compulsive addictive behavior (8$), but I am so impressed with your mod, I just keep grabbing and sucking (at least it isn't a straw or rolled bill)!"
    - Craig
    "… I and took a primer puff. BAD IDEA. This thing does not require a primer puff. In fact, you will be taking shorter drags than you are accustomed to. Lots of nic intense vapor, good flavor, kind of fun…
    I will enjoy using this unit at home, in a controlled environment. It would take extraordinary effort to damage it; but its weight and threatening appearance might prevent me from taking it out of the house, unless I was venturing into a very dangerous neighborhood. I won’t attempt to fly with it. This would be a great gift for the "rad," "punk," or mercenary soldier (vaping fan) on your list. It is also a great paper weight for your dumbbell...
    - Rambo
    "I received the Copper Saturday and it has become my main vaping device at home and especially at work. Just last night I had one 14500 battery last 12 hours and I was hitting that thing a lot. I take 5 to 6 second inhales with it, until I can feel it start to heat up. Wow! you talk about vapor, oh yeah. I think that the Copper has about the best taste of all my pv's also."
    - Kenny
    "My copper came in yesterday, which is RIDICULOUSLY FAST, and I am seriously in love with this thing. This is my first introduction into 6v vaping and honestly I don't think I’m going to have to buy another device. I love the finish and the weight, and because I have the R2V2 I think it’s the lightest of your full size 6v devices since it is the most milled down…. it is nothing but perfection. Warm huge clouds, super nice draw, amazing flavor, and it lasts forever."
    - Toan
    "I wanted you to know I received the R2V2 on Monday. Considering I spoke to you and ordered it on Friday, that was damned FAST shipping........ Thank you! I must say this thing is even more beautiful than I had imagined. It's truly a work of art and you should be proud. The feel in my hand is perfect! ...... Impressed by your craftsmanship. Oh yeah, I almost forgot.......this thing VAPES! Even at 3.7, it provides more than enough vapor and TH for me. As for the switch activation, I was a bit concerned, but it has quickly become second nature. A slight push against a bottom tooth is all it takes to fire the atty."
    - Bob
    "Hey! I bought one of your first coppers back in September or October ‘09, I think. I saw a good review for the R2V2 on the ECForum and found your new site. Looks like you've really expanded your product line. I hope business is doing well for you. It should be, if your products are still as solid as mine. This thing has been a workhorse for me. I love it. Thanks for your great product and service. If this one ever dies maybe I’ll order one of those fancy new ones. But I wouldn't count on it dying. Too solid. Maybe I'll try some liquid or something. Take care."
    - Mike
    "I got the 901 adaptor. Put it on and WOW it is working wonderful!! yep, I have tried a few different 901 adaptors I have and they all work wonderful. I think you really got it right. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so very much."
    - Debbie

    Workhorse PV‎‎ - Aug 25, 2010
    I have 510s, a set with a PCC (for travel), and a set from Instead, all of which I use daily, but always have in arm's reach one of my two MiniCoppers. Unless I'm flying, I never leave home without one. I never waited more than 3 days for resupply (in Kentucky). And then there's the free shipping over $50 (so just order another Chocolate - it'll get used). I've dropped the Mini Copper, but there's very little to break (or wear out). No plastic, no wires, no lights, a real nice 3.7 volt 510 hit, and the 6-month patina (I don't clean or polish) looks real nice on a wood table. A little heavy in the shirt pocket, no power cut-off, but it's what I wind up using around the house. All the others break. It was my first mod, and it's still my fav.‎

    Reliable Seller
    By Mike ‎‎ - Aug 25, 2010
    Offered a new product I hadn't seen anywhere else (901 cartomizers!) and had reliable shipping. Recommended ecig seller.‎

    Great Merchant With a Great Device
    By Paul‎‎ - Aug 24, 2010
    I've had a really great experience with I have made 4 purchases and all were correct and efficient. I do have a copper and I have to say that I love it. It was exactly what I was looking for. No circuits, no wires, just put pressure on the atomizer and you get vapor. It's designed really well, no liquid gets in to the battery compartment, have no switch malfunctions like some friends do with their higher priced mods. It's really great. My final story is on my first order, I wanted a driptip, but they were out of stock, I emailed to ask when they would get them back in, the next morning I was notified that they had a 1 and i could have it and the owner was nice enough to have an email exchange so i could get the driptip on my order. He went out of his way for a new customer and that means a lot. Don't hesitate to order from this company, the only complaint i would possibly have is shipping but it's a fair price and you do get what you order on time.‎

    Excellent PV‎‎
    By blademkr - Aug 24, 2010
    I purchased my Copper in April of this year after watching Grimm's reviews and have always been extremely satisfied. I own several PV, vaping almost exclusively at 6 volts and my Copper is always with me. I purchased my Copper with a 510 connection, but use both the 510 and 901s (with adapter) and both work exceptionally well. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, the Copper is simple to use and virtually indestructible. Unlike some of the other mods I own, the Copper is easy to keep clean and is always dependable. I have had the opportunity to converse with Rick by email and phone, and I promise you his customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend AtmosUSA for any of your vaping needs. Keep up the great work Rick.‎

    Best design!! ‎‎
    By vminnm1 - Aug 23, 2010
    I own 4 other PV's, keep trying to find one better than my R2V2 Copper, have paid twice the price but none compare in durability, dependability, and price! I love my R2 soooooo much! It's my baby, my workhorse, I always come back to it. I keep it shined up with a silver jewelry polishing cloth, a little rubbing and it's back to its original smooth shiny beauty! It fits my hand perfectly and I love the push in mouthpiece action, so comfortable. Everyone should own and experience a "Copper"! The service is great also, the fastest I've ever received anything before!‎

    My favorite PV already!‎‎
    By Daino - Aug 23, 2010
    I picked up a mini copper from Atmosusa about two weeks ago, and it's an indestructible workhorse! With LIMN high drain batteries and a LR 306 atty, this thing outperforms 5V mods, at a fraction of the size. The mouth activation is very easy to get used to and a really innovative idea. Very solid feel in the hand, it's already getting a nice patina to it. Really a great device that I would recommend to anyone!‎

    Excellent service and products‎‎
    By Viktoras - Aug 23, 2010
    I purchased rounded copper from Rick. Works fine - I'm happy. Ricks communication is excellent. I suggest trying his PVs. Good luck Rick‎

    The best‎‎
    By Steve - Aug 23, 2010
    I have the original copper and have loved it have never had a problem with it I have 5 outher pv devices and none even come close to comparing The Copper is simply the best there is‎.

    Simply Works....Works Simply‎‎
    By Robert - Aug 22, 2010
    Since I purchased the R2V2 Copper from Rick back in May 2010, I've acquired quite a few other mods (Silver Bullet, Omega, Screwdrivers (both MKI and MKII) the Precise P10, and most recently a Big Chuck. I vape strictly at 3.7 volts, and while it's a lot of fun to switch off among these PVs, I find myself reaching for the Copper more often than not. The solid feel, the mouth activation (which took about 2 minutes to become second nature), and above all, the simplicity of this little gem is beyond reproach. And when it's polished, it's damned nice looking as well! All my other mods seem to require a bit of maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance, but the Copper keeps on chugging along with just a bit of cleaning excess juice out of the connecter. I recently acquired a Mini-Copper as well, and find it to be another winner. As a supplier, Rick is fantastic..........he goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied. And I'm definitely one satisfied customer! Highly recommended. :)

    My Best Friend by Kim‎‎
    By tannastito - Aug 22, 2010
    I own an original copper and a mini copper. They are the stars of my 9 count pv collection. Tte mini works great for a more discreet vape and my original....well lets just say it does double duty. All day at work it vapes at an amazing 6 volts keeping me totally satisfied . When I'm off work it protects me walking through a dark parking lot in case of lurking preditors lol. Seriously this is the absolute best mod out there. No Problems ever! No Misfires always consistent and NO BUTTONS!!! A huge plus in my opinion. Rick is the absolute best to deal with. A great person who will go out of his way for you. Love them both!!

    Rick is a great guy and the copper is...‎‎
    By k2vi - Aug 22, 2010
    The vape is unbelievable , I owned the provape screwdriver and the nomad. Granted they are very good however no match against the copper. With my old screwdrivers i had to suck hard many times to get that satifying throat hit and the time out light would flash.Now with the copper i can take one normal draw and get a great hit. That is the difference. One other point is the screwdriver button will eventually malfunction. The copper has no mechanical buttons just two stainless springs that will virtually last years on end. I have had mine since september of 09 and it works just like the day i received it. Good job rick. Tony C.

    My Copper‎‎
    By Mike - Aug 22, 2010
    When I couldn't decide which battery mod I wanted, I accidentally found AtmosUSA, and after watching the video of the Copper I knew this was the one. Simple to use, no extra bells and whistles, this thing just pumps out vapor! Mostly solid brass, it's got some weight, and feels like you're actually holding something with substance. Able to run either 3.7 volts or 6 volts simply by swapping batteries. And I just gotta say, before I even ordered, I had questions. Rick was quick in his responses, knowledgable, and over all a pleasure to work with. I will definitely be doing my future vape shopping at AtmosUSA, even if it's just for the customer service. Thanks again!, Simply on the Ball‎‎
    By Randy - Aug 22, 2010
    I have ordered a few items from AtmosUSA, and every item has been of great quality. Unlike many other companies where you have to make a decision due to uncertainty, Rick from AtmosUSA will contact you to assure you of your needs, so you will be confident with your order. As far as the delivery time of your order, well lets just say it's UNREAL. My orders haven't taken no longer than two days...yea UNREAL. For example, my last order was on a Friday night. I received my product the following Monday. I will surely order from him again. As a matter a fact, I will be ordering from him again next week for some atomizers, his atties are awesome. I am glad I have found an honest company and person to order my e-cigs and e-cig parts from. I highly recommend AtmosUSA, and if you don't, well don't say I didn't tell you so. With that being said, I'll end this review by saying, thanks Rick, you are awesome. Later, Randy.

    The one the only Copper‎‎
    By Josh - Aug 22, 2010
    I own original Copper Hex and Copper R2V2. After several months of heavy all day use I have to say these things have never gave me any problems and the batteries work great and I am still on the first 4 that I bought after 3 months and you have to take into consideration that I work in a bar so I use it all day. Rick has always been quick and efficient on responses and if there is a problem most likely he will go above to make sure you are happy. I mostly vape at 6V but if I want 3.7V is always there if I want it which is nice. All in all if you don't own one or are interesting in starting this is the one to get because it will last over a lifetime and work flawlessly while doing it. Next on my list is the Copper Mini it would look cute in my PV lineup.

    Solid Simply Solid (Brass)‎‎
    By Randale - Aug 22, 2010
    I purchased an early copper from Rick and have been a very satisfied customer. I have purchased adapters and battery's also I,m currently using a 14500 with a low resistance 510 atty But can switch back to 6 volts in in seconds. This thing is solid and maintenance free. Rick offered to update my copper for a modest fee, But I have needed to do so as it just keeps working. Great customer service and prompt shipping. gets AAAAA rating from me.

    My Favorite PV's‎‎
    By cnajar01 - Aug 22, 2010
    I own a Screwdriver, a Protege, a Janty Stick, a Super 6, and four different models of the Copper. The only PV's that are NEVER in storage and always in daily use are the Mini-Copper (with a low res atty), and the grossly underrated and underpriced R2V2. With one turn of the atty (to prevent it from firing), I slip my MC into my front pocket and take it everywhere. The simple elegance and flawless performance of my R2V2 make it a favorite at home. AtmosUSA and the Copper series of PV's should be considered first, when shopping for a mod. For flawless product design and personal service, Rick is a pleasure to do business with.

    Great stuff!!!!‎‎
    By player653 - Aug 22, 2010
    The Copper was my first 6v vape and it was and still is awesome. Had a problem with the Copper, and Rick went above and beyond customer service to make it right!!! I own the Copper, the Silver Bullet, and a couple of DSE 905s.Still keep going to the Copper. Rick is a great guy and the products are just as good. Very sturdy. Feels like you can drive a Mack truck over it and it will still work. If you don't own one, GET ONE!!!

    Best Electronic Cig On The Market‎‎
    By Ruben - Aug 22, 2010
    What can I say , its made from brass ,it won't break , best 6v mod out there , push activated ,I feel as if it will last forever. I would recommend purchase of original copper and AtmosUSA Juice! Coffee is great. I've also been hearing a lot of good things about the mini copper.

    Awsome product, great service.‎‎
    By King of the Fools - Aug 22, 2010
    I'm consistently impressed at how good the customer service Rick and company at atmos usa offer. The Copper and all of its variations have the best support plan and warranty in the business. Nobody can compete with the way Rick supports his devices. There are a lot of totally unsupported mods out there. The Copper is not one of them.

    The Copper Is The BOMB!!!!!!‎‎
    By kclevinger - Aug 22, 2010
    I Ordered the copper and got it in and something was wrong talked to Rick and he exchanged it with no problem got it back and let me tell you this thing is a vapor machine at 6 volt this thing is the Bomb I will never go back to a 3.7 volt !!! Thanks again Rick for all the Help and for such a Great product for all us Vapors So if you are looking for a 6 volt This is the one for you!! You will not be sorry!!

    Coppers rock!‎‎
    By seth - Aug 22, 2010
    After making my own flashlight mods, and having them only last months its good to get something so bulletproof. The copper makes great vapor, and the batteries fit perfect. Let's see a powdercoated version, or aluminum. Thanks so much!

    Awesome product‎‎
    By EveNContrl - Aug 22, 2010
    I highly recommend this company’s products. I've used the R2V2 for 4 months and its still going strong. I have tried many different units on the market and ATMOSUSA has the best vaping experience by far. Rick you are the best.. I salute you man for this life saving product.

    Fantastic prices...Fabulous service.‎‎
    By Sherry - Aug 22, 2010
    Rick gives everything his own personal touch, which makes his customer service second to none. Need a battery? A mod? A part? No need to look further. He has some of the best prices out there and wastes no time with his shipping which usually takes two days, and I live in the sticks! Thanks, Rick!

    By wleonard1962 - Aug 22, 2010
    Great to do business with.. Great prices and lightning shipping. I will buy all my accessories from them.

    Small order, but excellent and speedy service‎‎
    By sharifaha1 - Aug 22, 2010
    I placed a small order for some batteries - not only were these the best price that I could find, but the service was top notch.

    By Megan - Aug 22, 2010
    I love this company, bought 2 copper mods and LOVE THEM!

    AtmosUSA Copper.‎‎
    By jcoopercam - Aug 22, 2010
    Simply one of the best in the biz... 5 Stars!

    Great company.‎‎
    By jean - Aug 22, 2010

    great customer service‎‎
    By Dan - Aug 22, 2010
    I got some batteries from Rick and there was a mistake, he took care of the problem.

    Have only bought juice, but...‎‎
    By Bryan - Aug 22, 2010
    ...great prices and speedy delivery. Recommended.

    Absolutely....the Best!‎‎
    By John - Aug 15, 2010
    Rick keeps you informed and up to date on everything that is happening with your order. Most every item arrives here on the West Coast in 2 days from ordering it! This guy is professional! Do not even hesitate to order from Rick...he stands behind his creations! The Copper is.....awesome! JJ Corbett

    Great service, great products‎‎
    By Barbara - Aug 15, 2010
    I have repeatedly purchased from Rick at AtmosUSA and have to say that his Copper is awesome, an exelent PV. His shipping time is always 2-4 days and the customer service is out of this world. Thank you Rick!

    Love the Copper‎‎
    By Ruben - Aug 15, 2010
    The copper is ridiculously efficient, it does what it was made to do, and Rick sells them for a good price. I would recommend this over any other E-cig because of its reliability and sturdiness.

    Excellent service‎‎
    By hassan - Aug 15, 2010
    Customer service is really one of the best. I think every company could learn from AtmosUSA.
    Thanks...By Terri - Oct 06, 2010
    My husband and I both purchased xxx and a pass through from another company about a year ago. Not only were they very expensive, but the switches went bad and we were sent replacement switches. After replacing the switches they just didn't work the same so I ordered a Copper for myself. I had a problem with it about a month after ordering and you shipped me a new one almost immediately, no questions asked. I love my Copper, and recently my pass through from the other company went bad so I did some shopping around. Not only have all the other US based companies changed their products, but their prices have gone through the roof. The company we ordered our Proteges from no longer even makes them OR the pass through! Many of the other high voltage personal vaporizers from other companies are into their second or third generation as well. Only your company atmosusa, as far as I can tell, still has the original product along with different incarnations of it. This shows me that the Copper is dependable and without major defect. The superb customer service alone makes me want to buy from you, but knowing the product has stood the test of time is truly significant. So I ordered a pass through from you, and will very likely be ordering a Copper for my husband in the near future.
    I just wanted you to have my testimony of what a good job you all are doing. Before ordering my Copper, I dealt with yet another company from which I never received a unit because my order was "lost in the back of a truck" that the owner's "sister was transporting some goats in"! Unbelievable! This was supposed to be a birthday gift, ordered a month in advance!
    You respond to my orders within 24 hours and stand by your product. I just wanted you to know how much that is appreciated. It is important for us to support US based companies, and yours is at the top of our list after a year of vaping.
  2. Brewlady

    Brewlady Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
  3. sheff

    sheff Full Member

    Feb 5, 2011
    I ordered from last week and Rick emailed me letting me know that the CE2's I ordered were not in stock due to a customs issue. He believed he would have them in stock before he ran out of supply it seems, which is understandable. I didn't feel like he was selling a product he didn't have. I think I just ordered at the wrong time.

    He's followed up with me via email several times, and he allowed me to completely change my order. He also is sending me a sample CE2 to try at no extra charge. Then, he followed up with a personal phone call today and verified my order. I Just got the confirmation in my email that it is being sent out tomorrow while I was typing this.

    I'm happy with the customer service here and just wanted to share it with you all. China is a pain to deal with and Rick seemed very sincere in making the customer satisfied. He was personable and I'm looking forward to doing more business with him in the future. I'm sure the products will be worth the wait. I give a thumbs up to Rick and his company for keeping me informed, stating an honest mistake, and then going out of his way to still keep me vaping!!

    I will recommend Atmosusa and will order from him again. Hope this helps anyone who has wanted to order from them. Besides, they sell the copper, which I'm dying to get some day!
  4. keev7

    keev7 Full Member

    Sep 24, 2010
    warwick, ri
    just got my original copper in on thursday. so far so good. great service rick, thanks..................kev
  5. charly

    charly Full Member

    Aug 1, 2011
    I received my order - 1 Mini Copper & 1 Q2V3 + various bits and bobs - in Europe yesterday 1st August only 6 days after ordering... so great turnaround Rick especially as it's holiday season and the post seems to be on a go-slow.
    Very well packed shipment which I'm sure went a long way towards customs not bothering to take a look - and everything ordered was there.
    Both machines look fantastic and and built to survive just about anything.

    Q2V3: My 1st 6v vape (2 x 123As) and thought I had a steam train on the end at first. Am now using it at 3.6v with a 17670 and a 3 ohm Boge carto and it's vaping almost as well as at 6v. I have some other mods but have never had this performance from the same cartos ... so very pleased indeed.
    Mini Copper: Am using with a 2.5ohm Boge carto and again it's a great vape ... the 18mg Blackberry is also very nice; not too sweet as I'd hoped.

    Overall these are great robust products, reasonably priced, and I have not had better service from any other vendor.

    So far 10/10 - cheers Rick.

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  6. Ryan247

    Ryan247 Full Member

    Oct 4, 2011
    Bellevue WA.
    I am new to the whole Mod systems and E-Cigs in general, but pound for pound, dollar for dollar, my Copper "smooth & rounded", is the highest quality for the best price. Honestly the first hit I took at 6V, made me cough because I wasnt ready for that kind of power and performance for the price of the Copper system. It is amazing, I stopped chewing the very day that my Copper came in the mail and havent chewed a drop since then. I have had it for about 3 weeks, and have placed orders from 4 different companies, and the only reason for that is because some of the things I got, Rick was either out of, or was not carrying at the time. He has spent time with me on the phone educating me and answering questions, and has responded to my emails, usually with in 2 to 3 hours at the most. Best service I have ever had from any type of online store, hands down. The very first day I called him before I placed my order and he spent time with me on the phone, I new that as long as I was vaping, I would be buying my supplies from Vapor Alley if they carried what I was looking for or something similar. With that being said I have place 3 order already with Rick in the 3 short weeks that I have been a Vaper. Thanks Rick..........................................................Ryan C
  7. goose2

    goose2 Full Member Verified Member

    Aug 9, 2011
    kansas city
    your ce2's at 3.4 ohm's are the best clearomizers i have found for hv.GREAT VAPE!super fast shipping and your priceing is unbeatable.thanks
  8. Wuzznt Me

    Wuzznt Me Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Mar 2, 2011
    Twilight Zone
    I placed my first order today, small order. I thought it would probably be filled tomorrow. I was a little surprised when I got the shipping notice plus a response to a question I had asked at this time of night. Nice looking and informative site as well.
  9. neeceann

    neeceann Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2012
    West Virginia
    Great customer service Rick. I appreciate the care that you give to your customers. I will be back to your site to place another order asap.:toast:
  10. dwcraig1

    dwcraig1 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I am pretty sure Rick's mission is customer satisfaction first, selling the product second. Just a pleasure to do business with.
  11. Mookie

    Mookie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 18, 2011
    Rochester, NY
    Wow - now THAT is fast shipping!!! I realized I needed some supplies fast before I leave on vacation next week. Last night (actually this morning) I stumbled across Vapor Alley when searching for the product I needed. They were one of only a couple places that actually has the colored Viva Nova 2.5v in stock! I was hesitant to order just because they are new to me and I was in such a hurry. Plus I had placed an order at another vendor last week and it took them four days to ship it. So I did a little quick research and read several kudos for quick shipment from Vapor Alley and decided to take my chances and also added priority shipping. I placed my order at 2:45am and to my astonishment got an e-mail that the order had shipped at 6"42am!!! How is that even possible?!?!? Thank you so much Vapor Alley. You definitely have a new repeat customer. :banana:
  12. HomerT

    HomerT Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 21, 2012
    Western Maryland
    i placed a order for your CE3 to compare to the Phoenix, and i haven't found any difference other than packaging. Also super fast shipping
  13. Koman

    Koman Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2010
    Yeah, you ship pretty fast. That's great!
  14. Fury83

    Fury83 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 14, 2012
    It was quick, priced competitively and shipped fast. Everything came packed securely. Really psyched about T2 heads (long wick) in a 5 pack. Glad somebody still sells them like that.
  15. jimbill

    jimbill Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 4, 2011
    Ordered a vamo friday and had the fastest shipping yet! my vamo works very good and was packaged very nice thanks rick.
  16. lokivapor

    lokivapor Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 6, 2012
    Just wanted to state great service Rick top noch

    Nitro for power
  17. Wolfie419914

    Wolfie419914 Full Member Verified Member

    Feb 24, 2013
    United States
    I just wanted to say that not only has Rick provide excellent coustomer service but very fast shipping as well. I was having problems with a mod that i had purchased from Rick at Vapor alley and Rick not only stood behind his products it was hassel free. He has gained a loyal customer here!

    Thanks Rick
  18. muldrick

    muldrick Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 30, 2009
    Easton, MD
    Thanks Wolfie,
    I think giving someone a hassle over a defective product wouldn't be to smart.
    I appreciate your comments :)
  19. Sebrina

    Sebrina Full Member

    Mar 5, 2013
    United States
  20. muldrick

    muldrick Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 30, 2009
    Easton, MD
    Awesome! Thanks very much Sabrina.
    I am told the ViVi items ARE now on the way.

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