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DIY liquid: Price comparing

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Discussion' started by savagemyth, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. savagemyth

    savagemyth Senior Member ECF Veteran

    After starting to mix my own ejuice and comparing prices, it became readily apparent that figuring out who's got the best deals and who's making the most profit was going to be extremely confusing. The juice is being sold at strengths from 0-100mg and in quantities from 6ml all the way to 500ml or better. I set out to get to the bottom of the numbers, and made a simple calculator in excel to crunch it all down to compare "apples vs. apples". This calculates the bottom line price per ml of 10% (100mg) strength nicotine contained in the juice. For the average home juice mixer, this is the maximum strength available for mixing, so I have stuck to that strength as the comparison strength to yardstick all others. For comparison I have selected the highest strength and the highest quantity unflavored where possible, some suppliers only sell mixed but I inserted these for comparison for .....s and giggles.

    The results were quite surprising. I assumed that the full-strength (100mg) liquid in the 500ml bottle from myfreedomsmokes would be the cheapest, but the data revealed their 60mg product in the same size to be the overall cheapest per ml of all 26 of the products i've polled so far. The priciest liquid (keep in mind, this is a flavored premix) honors go to ecigaretteschoice, with their 30ml bottles of 16mg liquid selling at $29.99. Our china connection, heaven gifts, fell about in the middle with their flavored Dekang juice. Notable to mention for the small quantity buyer is Indy Vapor Stop's 60ml bottle of 100 mg juice at $54.95, which is actually a better buy than say the 500ml bottle of 24mg strength unflavored from which retails for $124.95! So keep in mind that buying in quantity might not always be your best value when factoring the "money" in your mix.

    I'll post a link to the calculator that i've shared on google docs if anyone wants to look at it. Email me and i'd be happy to send you a copy that you could input your own finds for comparison.
  2. Nikhil

    Nikhil Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jan 29, 2010
    Louisville, KY
    You forgot this one site which has 60ml of 100mg/ml for $36.50 in either VG or PG dilution. 100MG/ML Nic Liquid

    Beats all those in your spreadsheet by far.
  3. savagemyth

    savagemyth Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Anyone who price matches will be pleasantly surprised as I was to find that MyFreedomSmokes just did a massive price drop on most or all of their DIY unflavored liquid - the 500ml of 60mg, which was already the most inexpensive juice I had found, gram for gram has been price slashed from $366 to under $100!! That brings the price to about half of any of it's competition. Not sure if these prices are a mistake but i've wasted no time in dropping my own order in for what is for me almost a year's supply of e-juice, the aforementioned 500ml jug of 60mg, which will yield 24+ of the 35ml bottles of 30mg that i'm accustomed to paying almost $15 for, now price adjusted to about $3!!:D

    Thanks for the note there PV, at $330 for 1 liter of 100mg liquid was the cheapest at that strength ($.33), but with MFS's price drops, looks like they've undercut even these excellent prices!! Competition is a good thing for us DIY buyers! I see now MFS has 500ml of the 100mg for $166.95 and 60ml for only $33.95! We'll have to keep everyone posted on updates for this!!
  4. Rocketman

    Rocketman Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I use a different metric to evaluate bargains for DIY mixing.

    (number of mg of nicotine per dollar spent)

    Try it, you'll like it.

    and the 500ml of 60mg/ml comes out smelling pretty good.
    Order placed.


    500ml of 60mg/ml juice for $96.95 + $5.95 shipping =291mg/$
    500ml of 100mg/ml juice for $166.95 + $5.95 shipping =289mg/$

    someone check my math, it's late
  5. savagemyth

    savagemyth Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I like this, I'll add a column with that number when i update my chart this month, thanks!
  6. Moradiss

    Moradiss Full Member

    Apr 9, 2010
    Jersey Shore

    125ml of 100mg/ml $67.00

    125ml of 50mg/ml $31.00

    250ml of 50mg/ml $55.00

    I am considering mixing my own, but pricing seems a bit confusing to me. The three examples above are all from the same sight, all PG. I would think the 100mg/ml would be cheaper, no cutting for the vendor, but it cheaper to buy it in lower mg/ml, unless I'm missing something.

    I spotted this using the mg/$ formula
  7. savagemyth

    savagemyth Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Well, the 100mg is 187 mg of nic per dollar
    the 125ml/50mg is 201 mg/dollar
    and the 250ml/50mg is 227 mg/dollar.

    looks like the 250ml is the cheapest.
  8. Jimi Mack

    Jimi Mack Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 19, 2009
    Long Island
    But you need to also add to these figures what you are going to cut it with. That 100mg bottle you will use say 10ml of it and then add 20ml of VG to bring it down to a 34mg 30 ml bottle. which means that 125ml 100mg bottle will make you 12 bottles of 30ml juice once you cut it.

    The 250ml bottle cut 50/50 with VG would yield you 500ml of juice at about a 24mg. Figure you can get the VG for $5.00 per 125ml. Those figures would work in your favor, $65.00 for 500ml of 24mg base juice, now just add you flavoring.
  9. the86d

    the86d Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 13, 2009
    So. California, USA
    WTFreak were these prices when I spent $107.xy on 120ml of 100mg?!?!?!?

    Dab-Nabit! (This was MANY months ago...)

    This stuff is clearer than what I have... just a bit of a tan tint.
  10. Moradiss

    Moradiss Full Member

    Apr 9, 2010
    Jersey Shore

    That was my point. I would think the 100mg would be cheaper.
  11. IsaacHomer

    IsaacHomer Full Member

    Apr 13, 2010
    New England
    Sorry, I missed your point initially. This post appears to have been agreeing with you.
  12. savagemyth

    savagemyth Senior Member ECF Veteran

    When you can buy diluent (vg/pg) for as cheap as $20 a gallon, I don't consider the price of it in my purchases. It's like milk: it's purchased raw from the farmer and paid on the basis of the fat content, so they pay for the milkfat, not the water the farmer could water it down with. If you're really paying $5.00 for 125ml of VG, you need to look elsewhere!
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