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DIY Nicotine Strength and Usage Chemically?

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by HackEnggr, Apr 30, 2016.

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  1. HackEnggr

    HackEnggr Senior Member

    Hey ECF!

    I have a question I search but I think I am not searching the right words or something again and ended up posting a thread.

    Question is how the nicotine is chemically distributed in the nic base e.g I have the 100 mg/ml VG nic base and I DIY the 2 mg/ml so I use 0.2 ml in 10 ml now everytime I draw the 0.2 ml from the nic bottle it will be 2 mg/ml in 10 ml or it can vary and I need to shake the base first to distribute it evenly then use from it.

    Like if any of you seen the insulin injection bottle the solid part always reside down and you need to give it a slide roll on hand to mix it back before the injection.

    I not see any solid particles but I am not sure if the nicotine is mixed out in the whole bottle or I need to shake it first before use? Also after juice is made and steeped before vaping I have to shake it or not?

    I have some doubt that when I pure the 5 ml or 3 or any amount in the tank I get the 2mg/ml or in first pour it is like 0.5 mg/ml and rest of the liquid is get the strength of 2.5 mg/ml. How nicotine is bonding with the rest of the liquid chemically if any of you have a idea or suggestion in the regard
  2. ashtrayogdc

    ashtrayogdc Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 1, 2013
    I do not know the answer but will say it can not hurt to shake it up so why not?
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  3. HackEnggr

    HackEnggr Senior Member

    yea it can't but still is good to know about the thing you inhale.
    It is also possible shaking it actually disturb the balance
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  4. mhertz

    mhertz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 7, 2014
    Nic in either VG or PG from any reputable vendor, will always have spent a good deal of time in there mixer and so will be in a homogeneous solution i.e. mixed properly together, but just to make absolutely sure, then it's a good idea to shake mix it up good when you get it. After that, our resident chemist here states that it shouldn't fall out of solution unless freezing solid(which our freezers doesn't do), or heated up to 60C+. Many shake there nic every time before they need it, and that's a personal choice if you want to do that...

    I did that myself, but after getting confirmed that VG nic(and PG) doesn't fall out of solution in normal circumstances, then I personally don't do it any more than the very first time initially, as it will heighten the oxidation rate for no actual purpose, but as said, your call :)
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  5. HackEnggr

    HackEnggr Senior Member

    Thanks, this information give me the peace of mind
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