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dual/triple 18650 mods? DNA250s?

Discussion in 'APV and Mods Discussion' started by vapesmooth123, Jun 20, 2019.

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  1. vapesmooth123

    vapesmooth123 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 23, 2016
    had an hcigar vt250s DNA250 which I liked because it could change between dual/triple 18650 - usually used it in dual mode (which is extremely small for a dual 18650) and used the triple mode to mess around with big tanks/builds now and then.

    I do want a big mod (triple 18650) that can push a lot of power to play with big builds but I don't do that often so I don't really want to a separate mod just for that but I might get a separate one for around $100 (I don't want the $200+ range ones that are made for giant/powerful builds and I don't want anything non-DNA either. Basically I had a separate set of batteries for everyday low wattage vaping for long battery life (I vape low wattage and small builds usually) and a second set (vt5 or something) which could push a bit more power but not last as long for using with bigger builds - I know this doesn't come close to the really powerful MODS but it seems to be decent.

    Anyway as fed up with DNA/Evolv that I am, I', still leaning towards another DNA, probably a newer 250C (hopefully no bugs I've experienced with the previous boards) - Had a wismec reuleaux DNA200 which after about a year stopped charging via USB (it's supposed to be safe and it is but it'll maybe fry the charging board like mine did), then the DNA250 which gives CHECK BATTERY error even shorty after warranty was returned to me, and a DNA75 which gives TOO HOT error but isn't too hot and randomly fixes itself from that sometimes.

    I'm hoping the newer boards don't give these problems.

    IS THERE EVEN any 250C or 200C (or whatever else C they making) that can be dual or triple 18650? Or should I just get a dual (compact) 18650 DNA C and a triple 18650 DNA C?

    For the triple 18650 'powerful builds' I'm basically trying to get giant vapor from putting a 30mm RDA on it with like dual or quad 7 wrap fused Clapton builds! I don't care if it'll eat battery in 30 puffs either - I just don't want to learn to use the powerful possibly unregulated mods for big builds, I guess.

    looking for suggestions for if I do get something like a Triade triple 18650 DNA250C which batteries to use for big builds (or if I really should just get a more powerful [but safe/regulated] MOD).

    no leather or animal skin please BTW.
    And suggestion for compact dual 18650 DNA Color
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