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Esauce Defective or wrong product

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by mizzaneb, Nov 30, 2018.

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  1. mizzaneb

    mizzaneb New Member

    Nov 30, 2018
    Supplier Negative Review

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    Sep 7, 2018​

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    Defective or wrong product​

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    So I have been vaping for about a year or so now. Throughout my journey, I went from starting with a Smok Alien 220W to today, using a Gbox 200w squonk mod with drop rda. Now, I have been trying to get a decent squonk mod with a good chip that I believe would last for a while. Normally I don’t mind spending a little more as long as I’m getting decent quality.

    I purchased a rebel squonker with the 550j yihi chip. Mod came in and it was the wrong mod. After waiting about a week to hear back from Esauce, they told me to ship the wrong mod back to them and they would ship me the right mod right away. I was busy with work so I wasn’t able to ship theirs back right away, I ended up shipping it five days after I received their email. Still, they assured me the right mod was being sent to me. Also had to pay $55 to ship the mod back. I sent theirs out and gave them their tracking number, and asked for a tracking number for the new mod. They kept giving me the old tracking number. Finally, on the day after they received the wrong mod back, they sent me the tracking number for the new mod. They didn’t even send it out until they received the wrong mod back. Would have been fine with me had they not lied and told me they’d send the right one out right away.

    So, I received the new mod. They also told me they would pay me back for having to ship the mod, and I only received a portion of what I paid, because apparently I paid too much. About a month later, the mod stopped working. It will not turn on unless it is plugged into a wall outlet, and even then it isn’t useable. They came out with the dna250c squonker, so I decided to order that one because at the time (and even now) there aren’t many dna250c dual battery squonks out there. I received the mod about two weeks after I ordered.

    Fast forward 28 days, the fire button on the mod broke. Looking at the way it was printed, it was very shoddy to begin with. I emailed them about it and they tell me to ship it to them and they’ll fix it. This is when I began getting a little upset with them because I feel as though if I’m paying more than what i would pay to get a gbox that the mod should last a little while. Well the gbox I have is still going strong, and has been used a lot more than their dna250c squonker.

    Anyway I have been going back and forth with them about this for two months now because I feel as though they should bend their rules a little and maybe just send me a new mod with a return slip to send the one that couldn’t even last a month back. But they just keep telling me there’s nothing they can do and I would have to send the mod back for repairs. Or I can send it back and PAY for a new housing??? ...??? Just making everyone on this sub aware of the NIGHTMARE that is Esauce so beware!!!!​
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