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Evapor Clouds -

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by newq, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. newq

    newq Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    So I ordered Juice from this site on March 16th.

    I ordered Just shy of $50.00 worth of ejuice. Nothing Earth shattering.

    Here it is on the 23rd still no order, on the website they had been saying that they were backed up and would be caught up by the follwoing weekend.

    NOW today the website says this:

    We apologize, but we are not accepting orders. The site is being redesigned to focus on product reviews and other non commercial activity. Any pending orders will be fully refunded.

    .... Poor business guys. You knew you were going to stop vending and start reviewing? You continued to let orders back up ? And then Offer a refund? ... havent I recieved my refund yet. Where was the notice? Why not STOPPING the order process , fulfilling orders and then shutting down the business END?

    Thats crappy and you owed your customers better than this. I will re=post when I recieve my refund.

    Disgusting business practice you should be ashamed.:glare:

    I should have never tried you guys. I dont have the money in my budget for more ejuice until you've returned what i spent. this really sucks, you've put me in a bad way and i dont appreciate it for something that seemed it should have been better planned.
  2. newq

    newq Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Just an update I am not sure wether my urgings or the bank being lazy but I had definately checked my bank account online prior to posting and it still showed the charges and now after posting the funds were released back into my account.

    Atleast that portion is back. Better than having no money for the juice. Thanks for the support guys.
  3. newq

    newq Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Just to Update to this because it pains me to speak this way about any business especially knowing that cases can be 1 in a milllion I wanted people to know that I have recieved a pm from a member here who claimed to have knowledge that a store front problem has caused all of evaporclouds problems. A part of my anger with them was a thought that from their postings on their website that they were intentionally no longer going to be a vendor.

    As she has explained this was never the intent and it was a issue of ADDING reviews to the site of products. I headed over to pbusardos site: and he posted a letter that concluded the same as the ECF member has. That the store will not be closing and the intent was never there to change what they were doing but to enchance it.

    What this means to me? Stuff happens. I know it does. I am not happy it happened but, I totally understand website and database failures. I understand the need for continual improvement and I understand that sometimes things just dont go as planned. Being As I can justify in my own mind that their was never an intentional misleading leading up to this scenario, I will be visiting them when they re-open. I wish they had been a bit more fourth coming from the beginning rather than making me feel this way with the lack of information.

    Many customers are understanding but you have to give them the chance to understand.
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