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FastTech Security Rejeted?

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Apr 14, 2016
I bought a mod few weeks ago but it came successfully. I ordered 2 packages in 6 days. Checked, 17track.com dropped them to "Alert" tab. The first package contains 2 items : Lock Pick set and a Salon Shaper. Second one contains a rda and Coil with Cotton.

First One's Tracking (Contains RDA and Coil with Cotton)
Second One's Tracking (Contains Salon Shaper and Lock Pick Set)

I opened a ticket, you know they answer very late. I'm waiting now. What do you think, what will happen? Will they ship again with different tracking number, or refund?


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Your items were delivered to you on June 16..you must be patient when ordering from China..and Turkey (your country) Customs is very strict regarding eCigs..and China Post is the most strict shipper of all at FT..and in the future when you post, have the courtesy to follow up and provide members here the FULL information..
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