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FastTech Shipping Process - Overview

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by fretplayer20, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. fretplayer20

    fretplayer20 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2013
    Mobile, AL
    Hopefully I can do this justice and actually help someone. After all of the helpful information I've gotten from this site, i may be able to help someone else. So here goes ...

    I’ve been trying to find specific explanations of the tracking process from FastTech (FT) to the US on this forum and I have found pieces here and there, but nothing comprehensive to date. So, I recently ordered from them and figured I would take the time to give others the answers it took me what seems like forever to find. I ordered a Vamo V5 from FT on December 16, 2013 and below is the shipping process that I observed. Keep in mind this is MY complete transaction and your experience may and probably will vary until their shipping gets hashed out a little better. Also, please note this transaction is for a tube only … there are not multiple pieces to this order, nor are there any batteries (whole other post!).

    Order Information
    Order from: FastTech - Gadgets and Electronics
    Item: Vamo V5 (Tube Only)
    Delivery To: Mobile, Alabama
    Order Placed: December 16, 2013
    Order Received: January 9, 2014
    Order to Delivery: Approx. 25 days

    Product Availability
    To begin, the first step to note in my shipping process is the product availability for the product I ordered. In my case and I’m sure others’ as well, the Vamo V5 Stainless Steel shows “ships in 5 business days” as seen below (yellow highlight). According to the information I received from FT Support, this means the product is not on hand and once an order is placed, they will get the product in their hands in 5 days for shipment.


    Shipment from FastTech (out the door)
    I placed the order on Monday, December 16, 2013 with the USPS First Class Delivery Confirmation option through Singapore Post and checked back periodically to look for shipping updates on I went to the site and clicked on “Your Orders” repeatedly for days hoping to see movement. Low and behold, 5 days later, it was shipped (December 21).


    Shipping & Tracking
    So far, so good. The package left on time. The next step is fighting for shipping updates, hoping to see something that will give you confidence that your order will make it to your mailbox. I tried tracking via Singapore Post’s website, but they do not seem to update their tracking well, so I consistently saw “Information Received – this does not confirm the actual receipt of the registered article”. To me, this meant the post was notified there was a package on the way … This never did and has still not updated for my package even after delivery! Giving credit to the ECF community, I found the following resource for tracking these shipments (not sure which member I got this from originally):

    Track Shipment(s)

    This site takes the tracking of your item from being picked up from the originating location until it is put on the plane to the US. Here is my tracking timeline through Quantium:


    Once the item shows “Lodged into transshipment hub local postal agent”, it’s time to switch over to the USPS Tracking site:!input.action

    Enter the same shipping/label number into the USPS site that you originally received from FastTech. It may take 24 hours or so for the information to be propagated to the USPS from Singapore Post once the shipment is loaded, so try to be patient. For mine, it took approximately 24 hours to hit Los Angeles. You can see my timeline below showing the transition from LA to AL.


    So from coast to (almost) coast, 3 days isn’t a bad wait time. Again this was only my experience. Hopefully this will give everyone a little bit of an overall way to track their stuff or what to expect when ordering from FastTech. The product is great, works fine. No issues so far. Very smooth transaction for me, just a long wait. I know, I know ... I order just before holidays. Either way, I hope this helps someone.

    For those of you who are wondering ... Delivery Confirmation shipping does NOT require a signature! They put it in your mailbox and leave. :)

    Happy Vaping!
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