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Firmware Updating Your Mod - Don’t Panic!

Discussion in 'VV/VW APV Discussion' started by UlkaHuren, Aug 21, 2018.

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  1. UlkaHuren

    UlkaHuren Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 29, 2018
    Central Maryland
    So what is this firmware of which you speak, and why should I update my mod with it? Firmware is the program that runs the operation of the mod and occasionally they will fix bugs or add features in new firmware versions. With how some mods get rushed out, they may have bugs or things that don’t work right and then they will release new firmware to fix them. When you get a new mod, check out it’s operation and then check the maker’s website for new firmware. It’s usually under Support or Downloads.

    Proceed slowly when selecting the firmware to download, installing the app, and updating your mod. It’s common to have badly written or confusing instructions for how to do it (cuz Chinese to English translations don’t go well). Also look for notes on what the firmware fixes and how to check your mod’s firmware version.

    Most mods follow a standardized process for loading the new firmware onto it. The directions for doing it can be very vague and confusing. Download and install the firmware loader app, which also may allow you to make setting changes to your mod as well. The next step is to connect your mod with a USB cable and bootload your mod. Bootloading is where your mod is put in a mode where it connects to your computer. Here’s the most common steps for doing this. Don’t be intimidated by what you read next. The process is actually very simple and you’ll most likely not have any of the problems I mention. I’m just being thorough for everyone’s benefit in case someone does get stuck:

    1: Launch the app on the computer.

    2: Remove the batteries from your mod if they are removable. When the mod is powered by USB, then it will go into bootload, but you have to remove the batteries to do this reliably.

    3: Connect your mod via a USB cable to the computer.

    4: The app should have some form of status where it lets you know that the mod is connected and it may show the model, hardware, and firmware version of the mod.

    5: If the app does not connect, then momentarily press the fire button. Some mods automatically bootload and others want the fire button clicked.

    6: When you see that the app’s status is now connected to the mod, then you need to select the update option in the app which will likely want you to select a file to download to the mod. The file maybe in the folder where the app installer was. If there is more than one file, it maybe that the mod was made with differing hardware versions and you’ll need to examine the app status info for your mod or power on your mod to view a version screen.

    7: once you know that you have the right file selected, then you can proceed to update the mod, which could be quick or could take a couple of minutes.

    8: During the update process the new firmware code is downloading to the mod and there is usually a progress status displayed. Do not touch anything while the update is in progress. If it’s interrupted, it could kill you mod. If that did happen, you maybe able to run the update again and restore your mod. One mod I had would stall halfway through the update. -panics- To recover with this particular mod I had to hold the fire button in while updating for it to complete. The new firmware fixed that problem.

    9: Once the update has completed, you may see the app connect status showing the new version or you can check the version later in whatever way that you induce the mod to display it. You can now disconnect your mod and use it!

    If anyone has questions about this, I’m glad to answer them or give advice. If your not comfortable doing this, you could have a computer geek friend do it for you. Give them this post to read through if they’re unfamiliar with updating mods.
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