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Fitt by Envii

Discussion in 'Vape Pod Systems' started by dansus, Mar 7, 2017.

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  1. twf85

    twf85 New Member

    Aug 6, 2017
    After reading through some of the more recent comments, I wanted to chime in and see if anyone else is experiencing an issue I've run into with the FITT.

    My FITT arrived about a week ago. I waited until the "Empty Pod" Starter Pack was available, because like many of you, I prefer making my own juice. If it's not salt-based, I'm not interested. I also purchased the 4-pack of empty pods.

    As soon as the device arrived, I loaded three pods up with some new flavors I was trying. The new mixes needed work, but the device was solid. Coming from a JUUL and MyJet, I was loving the larger battery and tank.

    Then I neared the end of the pods and I started getting burnt hits. I think I've figured this out, as it seems to be tied to excess fluid at the contact sites of the pod. Not entirely sure that's the cause, but that's what I've been leaning on lately.

    The odd thing that I've run into is that the 6-second kill switch (~Aquamarine light) doesn't seem to work consistently on a re-filled pod; particularly one that I used the FITT to clean via the button-burnoff method. If I'm not careful, I get a horrible hit that burns like hell and tastes just as bad.

    As to the leaking, nearing the end of fill #2, I can attest to that issue being present on the latest device / empty pods. Seems like it is more likely to occur if I put the device in my pocket, or if it spends a significant amount of time in any position other then standing upright on a level surface.

    I just ordered some premade coils to see if the kill-switch for "inhale" mode will come back with a fresh coil. This is certainly an improvement over the MyJet, but I am more careful with the FITT than I planned on..

    Also, for any new user that might read this, avoid using any "fast-charge" USB connections with the FITT. I don't think I've harmed the device by charging with the same charger I use with my gs6, but the FITT reports a full charge and then goes from Green to Red in less than half a day, without any time spent in the Yellow phase.
  2. Mikokawibawa

    Mikokawibawa Full Member

    May 31, 2014
    Been a few weeks with mine... and yes the inhale mode's not working anymore.. and the button is not to responsive.. gotta press 2-3 times untill the blue lamp turns on ... sighs

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  3. twf85

    twf85 New Member

    Aug 6, 2017
    Using Kanthal A1 30g, 5 wraps at 2mm diameter, the leaking is substantially reduced. You just have to wick it kind of tight. The 2mm width is a bit larger than the channel in the atomizer, so that reduces the chance that any juice will leak around the wick in the channel, and down through the air duct in the atomizer onto the contacts / sensor below.

    The resistance isn't exactly the same as the original pods, but it's close. I believe the original pods are something like ~1.2ohms and the customs I made are ~1.4omhs. Hard to say definitively because I only have a hand tester, and the contacts tend to slide all over the rings of atomizer. I have to hold them like chopsticks and patiently work at it until I feel "confident" I have an accurate reading. Will try 28g next. Might be the sweet spot.


    Anyway.. Has anyone attempted to replace the battery?


    Looks like it might not be soldered to the little pads they've placed at the top and bottom of the battery, so it may just require careful disassembly to free and replace the battery. There also appears to be a small chance that the capacity could be increased, but I don't know enough about how this device works to make that call. There's definitely room for a slightly larger battery, or even a battery of the same size but larger capacity. Certainly doesn't seem to be a proprietary battery.

    This battery has been the closest I've found to the original (which is unbranded, and only says 2.40Wh):
    Guess I can't post links.. Google, "Nitecore NL14500A Li-Ion 3.7V Protected Rechargeable Battery 2.40Wh 650mAh"

    I have two FITTs, both of which may still be under warranty. But I've removed the paint on one of the FITTs and I really like the look of it. I doubt Envii would go through the trouble of replacing the battery, so that is why I am interested in performing the replacement myself.
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  4. BillC8705

    BillC8705 Full Member

    Dec 21, 2017
    Western Massachusetts

    I am experiencing the same issue. I was in the same stage you were, had to press button a few times to get the blue lamp on and be able to hit it, automatic vape mode doesn't even work. I think it has to do with juice seeping down into the air hole at the base of the fitt device where the pod meets the Fitt. I'm thinking the juice is gunking up flapper part of the automatic vape causing it to either get stuck open or closed. I am going to tear it down and see if I can repair.

    Now I can vape with the button once or twice but then have to mess with the pod or blow into the mouthpiece before inhaling. Getting frustrating to use as my daily vape.
  5. twf85

    twf85 New Member

    Aug 6, 2017
    I'd be interested to know what glue you end up going with. I haven't taken apart the bottom portion yet, but it looks like it may be some sort of dielectric adhesive. Didn't have any on hand so I didn't rip into it.


    I replaced the battery with a "800mAh" battery purchased from an overseas seller on eBay. Transit time wasn't too bad. Replacement was successful, but it was kind of a snug fit. Purchased a 13450, but it was more like a 14500. 14mm wide would have been fine, but not the 50mm length. Had to remove all the plastic tape around the ends, and then cover the terminals/pcb at the ends with electrical tape.


    Still a bit worried when I vape it that it is going to blow up in my face ;)

    Made about 20 coils trying to find an optimal balance of cloud, flavor, and battery life. Going with 30awg @ 5/4 3mm (~1.8omh), for now. At 3mm, the wicks are much wider than the channel in the pod, so I am hopeful this reduce the leakage.

    I believe the original coils are about 32awg @ 5/4 2-2.5mm, but that may be a little too low on the omhs. Don't know the CDR of the original battery, but at 5C, the min Ohm should be about 1.6, I believe, and the original atomizer I saved is testing at around 1.2ohm. May explain why I got so many burnt hits near the end of pod with the original atomizers (or on the next pod, seemed to be get gunked up quickly).

    New to making coils and all of this electrical stuff, so I could be wrong..
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  6. BillC8705

    BillC8705 Full Member

    Dec 21, 2017
    Western Massachusetts

    Have you noticed a huge difference in battery life? That's some good information on the swap. I have not yet made my own coils for THIS device yet, so I am of no help there. With the coils you made, how is the vapor/flavor?

    Not too sure what they used for adhesive. If I can't figure it out, I'll probably just go with hot glue. I'll post on here with my findings.
  7. Stunned Guy

    Stunned Guy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 1, 2015
    The Netherlands
    So i dusted off this device, mainly cause i get tired taking my setups (squonkers & mods) everywhere, and i was looking for a more stealthy setup as backup.

    I remember the leaking issues i had before, so thats why it was collecting dust.

    I ordered myself some empty pods and a bottle of Elements NS20 555 20 mg nicotine salts, to finally give the salts a try also.

    And I have to say I really enjoy the vape, and the hit of the salt, very satisfying!

    I try to open the device a couple of times in a day to wipe of the small leaking it still does, but so far so good.
  8. BillC8705

    BillC8705 Full Member

    Dec 21, 2017
    Western Massachusetts
    I ordered a second Envii Fitt as I do like the portability of it, and not carrying my bulky box mod.

    I started to try to tear down my first Fitt. I removed the "adhesive" from the bottom, which is really just an insulator to protect the wires underneath. The board that the wires are attached to is actually glued down to the device making it near impossible to remove. I ended up soaking my Fitt in alcohol for a few hours, making sure to move it around a little while soaking. This did seem to help out the automatic feature, but it still won't function properly. Still using manual vaping when I use this device. I'm gonna soak it again, but for a much longer period of time and see if it releases the gunk built up from excess leakage.

    I am extra careful with my new one. I wipe out the bottom of the pod and device a few times a day and keep my pod filled. I've noticed that it leaks when half or less filled. I also noticed that the leaking doesn't always come from the open hole right under the coil, but actually from between the atomizer and the pod itself. Maybe the gasket gets worn out?

    Lastly, if you notice there is a hole at the bottom of the device for a lanyard. This would cause the device to hang upside down. In logic, that would save the device from being flooded, but could cause leakage out of the mouthpiece.
  9. Stunned Guy

    Stunned Guy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 1, 2015
    The Netherlands
    Yeah same here, so far so good, I can live with these small flaws, but the rubber 'driptip' is still not really my thing to be honest..
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