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FreeMax Onnix Pod Kit 20W

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette APV Reviews' started by Frenkyou, Apr 19, 2021.

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  1. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    FreeMax Onnix Pod Kit 20W
    Simple and ergonomic style, Onnix 20W Kit is a compact pod system with maximum power of 20W adjustable on 3 levels with dual airflow system for MTL and RDL.
    Button Activated and Draw Activated modes are both available.

    The kit has 1100mAh internal battery, 1.5A type-C fast charging takes place within 60 minutes. The pod contains 3.5ml of liquid (TPD 2ml), the high performance coils (FM Coiltech4.0) are replaceable and can also be used with nicotine salt liquids (FM SaltCoilTech3.0).

    1.jpg "We Vape, We Save!" is a new marketing plan by Freemaxtech focused on promoting respect for the environment in the sectors dedicated to vape by spreading the concept both online (on various platforms) and offline (in vape shops) with rich rewards for all participants who join the project.


    The cardboard sleeve has the classic Freemax white / blue colors and shows the front; the brand name, a preview of the device, the name (Onnix) the color of the device contained inside (Gray) and the warnings.

    On the back there are; the specifications, content, logos, trademarks and addresses of SHENZHEN FREEMAX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.


    On the first of the two sides we find; a complete image of the device and an icon reminding the active promotional "We Vape, We Save!"
    On the second side are present; batch number, scratch & check, main features in the form of icons, warnings and icons of the main social networks used by FreeMax for its promotional activity.


    Packing List:
    1 * Freemax Onnix Pod Mod 1.100mAh
    1 * Freemax Onnix Pod 3.5ml (2ml TPD)
    1 * Freemax FM Coiltech4.0 OX Mesh Coil 0.5Ω (pre-installed)
    1 * Freemax (FM SaltCoilTech3.0 OX DVC Coil 1.0Ω
    1 * USB Type-C Cable
    1 * Warning Card
    1 * Warranty Card
    1 * User Manual


    Freemax Onnix 20W measures and features:
    Material: PCTG, steel, aluminum alloy
    Dimensions: 26,2x16,2x109mm
    Weight: 58g
    Pod capacity: 3.5ml
    Battery: 1100mAh internal
    Output voltage: 3.3-4.2V.
    Output power: 8W-20W adjustable on 3 levels
    AFC: Double adjustable system for MTL and RDL
    Activation: Double, automatic + fire button
    Charging: Quick 1.5A type C


    Available colours:
    Gunmetal, gray, black, coral red, blue, rose pink


    First impressions:
    FreeMax has chosen the most classic of form factors for its Onnix, all to the advantage of ergonomics. Were it not for the large ONNIX lettering that completely covers one of the surfaces, it could also be said that the Onnix appearance is "very sober", the colors are.

    The aluminum alloy helps make Onnix very light (58g) and its dimensions are in line with that of a device with a 1,100mAh battery.


    The other side of Onnix houses the fire button in the central position, the writing "Freemax" and the notification led at the bottom.

    The Fire button (which can be disabled) is positioned at the right height and is slightly protruding and comfortable to operate, it controls all functions by itself together with the LED and allows you to choose the ideal power (3 steps).

    Operation Guide:
    - Press the Fire button 5 times to turn on / off the device.
    - Press the Fire button 3 times to adjust the power according to the installed coil.
    - Press the Fire button 4 times to deactivate the Vaping mode with button, to avoid accidental activations.
    - Activated and Draw Activated modes can be used at the same time.

    Notification Led Equivalent power steps:
    Coil resistance 0.5Ω:

    • 16W red light
    • 18W blue light
    • 20W green light

    Coil Resistance 10Ω:
    • 9W red light
    • 11W blue light
    • 13W green light


    Onnix uses a double air flow system for RDL and MTL vaping needs, the first (RDL) uses a simple slider adjustment, recommended with 0.5Ω OX Mesh Coil with fully open or partialized window.

    With the use of OX DVC 1.0Ω coil it is advisable to completely close the adjustment with the cursor and leave the Ø 1.5mm hole the task of regulating the right amount of incoming air for the MTL vape.

  2. Frenkyou

    Frenkyou Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 26, 2019
    On the bottom is the plastic cap that houses the USB-C charging socket, the three vent holes for the cell, the disposal logo and the C E mark.

    The compartment / pod houses the two contact pins, two generous magnets and the sensor for activating the automatic Puff.


    The PCTG cartridge holds up to 3.5ml of liquid (2ml TPD), has a fairly comfortable design for the lips, offers discreet visibility of the internal liquid, has the side refill with silicone cap to protect the closure, on the other side c 'is the minimum level of the liquid marked.
    The method of inserting the coils is press / pull from the bottom.


    FM Coiltech:
    Included in the kit there are two different types of coils ...
    - FM COILTECH 4.0 0.5Ω OX Mesh Coil, (FreeMax declares) is comparable to the best 30W sub ohm tank on the market! The Coil uses industry-leading Mesh Technology, with exceptional aromatic performance and the production of abundant vapor clouds.
    The Coil is made of SS904L steel and tea fiber cotton, recommended for RDL vaping with liquids containing VG / PG nicotine with concentration from 0 to 6mg.

    - FM SaltCoilTech 3.0 OX DVC 1.0Ω (FreeMax declares) is recommended for MTL vaping, 100% compatible with nicotine salts (Best 20-50mg) but also with freebase (Best 3-12mg).
    It is a double vertical coil always with a tea fiber cotton formula, according to FreeMax it offers a Strong hit in the throat (Hit) with an intense perception of nicotine.


    1.100mAh Battery:
    Freemax declares, the internal cell offers 1100mAh real, so it allows you to get "a whole day of vaping" takes advantage of a fast 1.5A type-C charge and 60 minutes are enough for a full charge.

    Led notifications allow you to monitor the battery charge level:
    • Red light: 0% -35%
    • Blue light: 36% -70%
    • Green light: 71% -100%

    • Low Voltage Protection: The red light flashes 15 times
    • Short Circuit Protection: The red light flashes 3 times
    • Time Out Protection: White light flashes 8 times
    • Open Circuit Protection: The LED light flashes 3 times
    • Over Voltage Remind (> 6.2V): The red light keeps blinking
    • Low resistance (<0.1Ω): The red light flashes 3 times
    • PCB Panel High Temp (> 70 °): The red light flashes 5 times


    Final conclusions:
    I would like to start with an aspect that I believe can be improved and concerns the classic refilling system with silicone tab present on 99% of the pod systems on the market, sometimes during the filling air bubbles are formed with consequent leakage of liquid, I believe that the times are now ripe to apply the safety valve for the refill to all pod systems.

    There is not much to add on the aesthetics and dimensions of the Onnix, it is a pleasant and light "basic" product, with ample adjustment possibilities and even without a display the user has full control.

    The double air flow mechanism does the job well for the needs of RDL and MTL vaping, with the 3 selectable power steps you can undoubtedly make the excellent Freemax coils perform at their best.

    I would like to say a few words for these coils; FreeMax invests heavily in research and development of materials and proudly advertises them insistently, both actually perform well. These coils (for me) definitely rank at the top of their category.
    Perhaps in some areas the Freemax coils are not easily available, which is a real shame.

    - 0.5Ω FM COILTECH 4.0 OX Mesh Coil, with fully open airflow and intermediate power step (Blue Led) offers aromatic qualities above the average of competing Pod systems, the Puff is extremely soft and velvety, no splash and no leak , congratulations!
    Moving from one power step to another (red, blue, green) you can feel slight thrust differences, the best performance (RDL) is obtained with open air flow from 50 to 100%.
    If you want you can also completely close the adjustment with the slider and use only the small hole of Ø 1.5mm to obtain a very powerful Hit but the steam becomes less consistent and a little too hot ... Sometimes I like to use the AFC system in this too way.

    - FM SaltCoilTech 3.0 OX DVC 1.0Ω, using the Ø 1.5mm hole and intermediate power step (Blue Led) the vape is of the Open MTL type, probably for a more contrasted Puff a Ø 0.8mm hole would have been better, however if (like me) you like to use creamy and fruity liquids in a compromise between MTL and RDL, you will find optimal vapor production and aromatic yield!

    I liked the battery very much, it recharges quickly (60 minutes) and guarantees a constant boost even at low charge levels, with both coils I was able to consume about 6ml of liquid during the life cycle of the cell.

    Hoping to have been as complete as possible, I greet you and thank you for reading.

    Thanks to FreeMax for sending me the product for free in exchange for my honest evaluation.
    Onnix 20W Kit | Freemax - Taste the Clouds, Feel the Flavors!


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