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GeekVape BLITZEN RTA review. "And under the armor..."

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vape Path, Mar 16, 2018.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    Today, boys and girls I would like to talk about GeekVape BLITZEN RTA – new atomizer with anti-leaking system and the possibility of use with modern Bubble glass.

    It came to me in a form styled GeekVape transparent box with a number of important info and a few presentation words about BLITZEN RTA. The set is rich as a usual thing for their products, and i`m really thankful, that this Co. care about their fans ;)

    GeekVape BLITZEN RTA set:
    1 * GeekVape BLITZEN RTA atomizer;
    1 * Extra Bubble Glass tube;
    1 * Spare glass tube (2 ml);
    1 * Multi screwdriver;
    1 * Extra 810 drip tip;
    1 * 510 drip tip;
    1 * Adapter to 510 drip tip;
    8 * Spare screws;
    1 * Shaft extension;
    1 * Key for a filling ring;
    20 * Spare o-rings;
    1 * User manual;
    1 * Warranty card;
    1 * Product card​

    As for the quality and assembly, they`are perfect, without backlashes and scratches on atomizer body.
    BLITZEN is a fat boy with non-complicated constructive (you can think such a way for the first time) and looks brutal and straight, like a classic suite.
    Atomizer`s sold in different colors with colorful Resin 810 drip tips, which underline the main style, making it brighter and more interesting.
    You can see, that it has 2 variants of glass tubes – standard (2 ml) and modern Bubble version with 5 ml on the board.


    GeekVape BLITZEN RTA parameters:
    Height: 47 mm;
    Diameter: 24 mm;
    Materials: Stainless steel, Resin;
    Colors: Black, SS, Gunmetal, Rainbow, Blue​
    The standard 2 ml version consists of 6 parts: of base, tube, skirt, filling ring with a shaft, top cap and drip tip.

    The base is postless, and you can set 1 or 2 coils here without any difficulties, guys, thanks to its slightly elevated position above the housing.
    On the sides you can find two convenient niches, where user haS to put cotton rolls.
    Of course, here, we have the system, which allows servicing our coils without juice discharge, and this is great!

    Look at special niches under the screws holes. This is not the decorative moment, but a special mechanism, which connects base with skirt for to prevent wrong landing of these parts. You can even here the jingle, when try to put the skirt cuts wrong and try to set up atomizer – these niches and cuts will find themselves and connect to each other. Wow! Great technology step, I`m really impressed!

    The skirt is made of a thick steel for to prevent heating of the body and has 2 large honeycombs of side airflow windows, regulated by a ring without stopper, which has the logo and the name of the device around its body.
    The skirt has a hidden tunnels for e-juice flow, which are ended with 2 holes with cuts, which connects to base. Such a system is really productive, `cause the flow is narrow-focused and impregnate our cotton rolls really good.
    On the top of the skirt – in chamber, you can also find 2 not really big holes. Our e-juice flows here and descends the tunnels to cotton. Such a construction completely excludes leaks, and I prove, that the system works perfect! While testing I had no any of them.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The glass tubes are made of a middle width glass, and the standard one has a spare one in set, so, don`t worry if break the complete one. Of course, you can protect is with the help of vape band ;)
    The tube fixes from the sides, thanks to threads in chamber and shaft base, which connect to each other.
    The filling ring is monolithic to a shaft and has 2 wide holes, so, if want, you can fill the tube even with a bottle neck!

    Top cap fixes to filling ring with a thread and, like the base, has a really convenient notches around the perimeter for to make screwing/unscrewing easier.

    GeekVape`ve used a really beautiful 810 Resin drop tip as a default, which fixes to top cap with the help of hidden inside the last one – thick o-ring. The set is strong, but with a little backlash, as you can see on photos.
    Moreover, in set we have other 810 Delrin version and adapter to 510 drip tip if you want to make the puff tighter.

    There are no any problems with coils and cotton rolls set. Only what you need is to determine the length of builds legs, fix them into niches and put the cotton through them and let down its tips into special pockets on the sides.

    GeekVape BLITZEN RTA specifications:
    Base: Postless deck for two or one-coil use;
    Airflow: Side;
    Filling: Top;
    Thread: 0f 510 type;
    Drip tip: 810, 510 (with the help of adapter)​

    Quality and assembly;
    Flavor and vapor;
    Easy service;
    No leaks;
    2 or 1 coil use;


    I don`t want to be looked as a promoter, but honestly can advice GeekVape BLITZEN RTA to all of you, guys!
    I`m really finicky and have only DROP RDA and Pharaoh Mini RTA in the list of favorite tanks, but now a new passanger will join them and I think, that you guess, who it`s ;)
    BLITZEN RTA fully justifies its 38$ price, because has lots of pros, which make vaper`s life easier and will give hours of pleasure, enjoing service, appearance and colorful flavor of e-juice. Don`t hesitate and try it!​

    You can buy GeekVape BLITZEN RTA here.
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