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Halo - Cafe Mocha

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Jan 5, 2010
    As many of you know, Modern Vapor is a one stop place known for great service to get great hardware and a large selection of juices, including selling flavors by Halo. My daily vapes are Halo, so I like to post my thoughts on their new flavors now that they're expanding their line.

    Here is what Halo says about Cafe Mocha...

    Cafe Mocha offers a full-flavored blend, perfect for those seeking a gourmet coffee flavored e-liquid. Built on a robust Cappuccino base, our unique Cafe Mocha blend is layered with very subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut, and rounded out with a gentle sweetness. Overall a dry blend, this premium e-liquid blend has a dominant cappuccino flavor which is only enhanced with nuances of mocha and hazelnut.

    This may be my favorite "Chocolate" flavor. Although the cappuccino flavor may be dominant, I was surprised that it wasn't that classic burnt coffee taste. I felt the mocha and hazelnut is the perfect blend. The throat hit and vapor is very good. A lot of people are going to love this. If you don't like coffee or cocoa flavors though, you probably won't like it - my wife didn't and never does.
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