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Halo Turkish Tobacco

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Jan 5, 2010
    So Halo is testing a new juice, Turkish tobacco. I probably shouldn't say test anymore being each time they give out free samples, the juice does winds up going on sale, but there you have it. If it does, I'd bet MV will be selling it. I think this one will appeal to a lot of the early Halo lovers as it has that unique tobacco base that Halo is famous for. I'm actually not a fan of their original flavors that made them so popular even though my daily vapes are Halo Tribeca and Menthol Ice. Out of their strictly tobacco juices, this is my favorite though. BUT I've never really thought anyone's tobacco flavors taste like tobacco. To go one further, my brand of choice was Camel for over 20 years, and to me, this doesn't taste like Turkish tobacco. Yet ironically, it is my favorite Halo tobacco taste, like I said. So who knows. :)
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