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Apr 16, 2016
    I can't seem to find good e-liquid these days. Especially since I can't try out the "house juice" before making a purchase. So I'm looking for suggestions. I really like candy flavors. Fruit and cream flavors are starting to appeal to me as well. The main things I dislike are bakery/dessert, spices, custard/cereal.
    Some of my favorites: one hit wonder's rocket man, smog mouth's bayshore reserve, space jam's Andromeda.
    Although some juices I like are about 70% vg I usually prefer max vg due to some sensitivity, burning, sore throat, coughing with anything less than 75-80% VG. In a tank I vape 6mg juice. For dripping I prefer 3mg.
    Any suggestions for a picky vaper like myself?


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    Jan 14, 2017
    Orange, California
      Ever though about mixing your own ? I did when trying to pick flavors off the shelf. It's not that hard if you keep it simple. I got Pomegranate, Raspberry, and Dragon fruit and mix them in pre-made base. Try and find those fruits without being mixed with melons or other berries.
      Now I am adding them to things you don't like but also creams, coffees, ice cream.
      The only bad side is making something you hate but so far I been lucky there :<0)
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      Jan 11, 2010
        Personally i find tasty vapor to have the best e juice
        Flavors are always completely true (unlike other vendors I've used where you can Taste the pg and vg through the flavoring)
        They also have nic and zero nic versions of the same juices; so you can buy higher nic and blend down at home to save money.
        I'm in Canada so it's like 27$ an oz if i buy by the oz after conversions
        But if i buy 2oz nic bottles and 4 oz doublers and it works out to $13 or $14 an oz (i can't remember) i vape 12mg... Gets cheaper per oz the lower your nic when you buy the nic and doublers
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