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Help with first ejuice please.

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by WolfeTX, Aug 24, 2013.

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  1. WolfeTX

    WolfeTX Full Member Verified Member

    Aug 24, 2013
    whitney, texas
    Hello, so the wife and i are going to give this a try.
    We are both 30+ year smokers and want to change over.
    Hardware wise i think i know what we are going to get. Ego batteries (1100 or 1300) and ether the ce5 no wick or the mt3 bottom coil.
    Found both sets on ebay for about 35 bucks each. Probly pick up a couple of pass through ones also for at the desk time.

    The real question i cant find answers for is the juice.
    We are a myo (make your own) smokers. We get paid once a month so i bulk buy a silver (light) tobacco and use light 100 tubes.
    I want a juice that comes close in taste (i know none will be very close) and close in nic levels (we plan to slowly ween our selfs down in the nic levels).
    Since we are used to lights. I guess we want something with a light throat hit? But plenty of vaper production.
    We just are not sure how to find what we want. We are very remote so we cant just pop into some place and try some out.

    We tried a couple of the blu disposable ones in tobacco flavor. The taste was good andwe likedit but it was like takign a drag off a full flavor cig and made us cough a lot until we learned to take smaller drags. We would really like to NOT have to take small drags while vaping.

    Does nic level effect how strong it taste?
    What is throat hit really? Is that the strength (lights verses full flavor cigs)?
    I i understand some about vg and pg. I read vg is more vap less flavor and vice versa for pg. Is this right?
    What would be best for us to start out with?

    I am looking at setting us up for a month right out the gate. We normally spend 160 bucks on tobacco and tubes so that is my budget the smaller the better.
    So 35 kits at 35 bucks each 70 bucks
    a couple of 5 packs of replacement heads 10 bucks
    and juice. I have found some 16oz bottles for about 60 bucks. This is where i need help on type to order.

    I know we smoke a LOT roughly 15 cartoons a month for the 2 of us.
    I am unsure of how much juice we will end up using and i just want to make sure we have enough to get thru the month on. Because if we dont we are SOL till the next month.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!!!!
  2. Cactus Breath

    Cactus Breath Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 6, 2013
    I'm not a big tobacco juice guy, but I can highly recommend "H1N1" from Nicoticket. One of his initial descriptions of it was "a Marlboro Light crossed with a Snickers bar". I've been vaping it tonight and although the flavor is more complex than that, I'd say that's a good description to start with. Vapor production at 50/50 pg/vg is excellent and IMO the throat hit is pretty smooth - definitely not a choker. He does use a natural tobacco extract in his juice as opposed to just tobacco flavoring. As a heavy smoker, you could try either 18mg or 24mg nicotine strength - I'd probably recommend starting out with 18 and going up if necessary. I smoked about a pack and a half a day before I quit, and the H1N1 at 18mg does the trick for me and then some! I can't really advise on how much liquid you might need - guessing at a usage rate of around 4-5 ml per day each, that would be about 240-300 ml/month (so 5-6 50ml bottles).

    Their online store is closed right now, but they're planning to reopen some time next week. IMO, their juice is well worth the wait! (Disclaimer: no affiliation with Nicoticket other than being a very satisfied customer).
  3. TheRock

    TheRock Unregistered Supplier

    Aug 7, 2013
    Shreveport, LA
    I would recommend a bottom coil setup like the Kanger EVOD or a Vivi Nova dual coil. You may want to look into a variable voltage setup like iTaste VV with a Mini Kanger Pro 2 or Smok Aro Pyrex. You'll have to see what voltage makes your ejuice "perfect" based on your taste profile through out the day. I highly recommend glass tanks especially with ejuices that may crack plastic.

    Start at 12mg to see if that makes you cough then go higher. Here is a great resource for reviews and recommendation on ejuice and e-cig devices:

    Once you feel comfortable with e-cigs, you may look into DIY.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    Your biggest expenses getting started into vaping will be incured during the first 2 - 3 months as you acquire your batteries, charger, juice delivery devices, and your initial e-liquid. Once you have those items, nearly all of your expenses will be solely on replacement e-juice at that point thereafter.

    Most e-liquid vendors will allow the option to choose the ratio of Pg and Vg when you make your order online. Since you seem aware that Pg gives the most flavor and Vg gives the most vapor production, you'll want to have your mix with the majority of it being Vg. Don't worry about an exact ratio as it won't matter that much. Just understand that the more Vg that is in the juice the thicker the juice will be which "might" cause some wicking issues with most juice delivery devices.

    Nicotine percentage will affect the throat hit of a juice. More nic will cause more throat hit, which you may interpret as "harsh". However, realize that with nicotine in vapor it is not necessary to "inhale" to absorb the nicotine - most is absorbed in the mouth and nose. It is also common for new vapors to find the vapor to be harsh and to cause coughing; it took you time to adjust to cigarette smoke when you started smoking and it will take your body time to adjust to vapor. Start slow, with baby steps. Gradually over time inhale more of the vapor, and before long you'll be able to take deep puffs like a cigarette.

    Most vapors consume 3 - 5 ml of e-liquid per day. Figure your monthly quota of e-liquid on that statistic. I recommend sampling smaller sizes of different flavors until you find a couple of flavors that you like, then order more in larger sizes later. It's difficult to make an unbiased recommendation of flavors or vendors as taste is so subjective in vaping. I do suggest not to necessarily focus on tobacco flavors, but to try a variety. There are fruit, coffee, desert, candy, etc in addition to tobacco flavors. Most of us find that we want nothing to do with the old cigarette flavor we once enjoyed once we have quit analogs.
  5. Choc_Addic

    Choc_Addic Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 26, 2013
    Caldicote tunnel
    First off, I think that the system you mentioned is fine.... But if you can wait (or not) check into Fasttech. You can get them for much much less.
    As far as tanks go , Mt3 is fine choice and are same as EVOD (Such similer devices but different looks are as follows : MT4, EVOD, T32, T3, T3s, T4, X6S , REM, V2 , KWX6 , X9 Protank, KWX5, etc.) Get some extra heads (replacement, extra CE5 if you choose). Always have at least 2 spares ready to go. And 2 spare batteries at the least.

    Juices, depends. As people like this and some don't. And your taste changes. So, Get smaller bottles at the start and get more when you find what you like.

    Goodluck and congrads
  6. Eddieruckus

    Eddieruckus Full Member

    Aug 20, 2013
    Coral Springs
    Try the tobacco blend from high desert vapors, I also rolled my own smokes and that juice is very close in taste , I vape a 50/50 24mg
  7. monarito

    monarito Full Member

    Aug 23, 2013
    Kristianstad, Sweden
    I am a tobacco guy but not yet found my ultimate juice. I have ordered the Mount baker 555 tobacco 30 ml if anyone from sweden wanna trade. Im waiting for the Halo juice from USA.
  8. Bombies

    Bombies Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2013
    United States
    Get a VAMO V3 from FastTech, you wont be disappointed. I just received mine this week and I am amazed how awesome this thing is.
  9. KnurledNut

    KnurledNut Moved On

    Aug 15, 2013
    My wife and I are very new at this (3 days) as well. We made our own smokes as well from 5 pound bags of Virginia blend. I will share the same advice that was given to me last week.

    Get a juice sampler. Don't get too much quantity of any one flavor. We got a 10 juice sampler from vape dojo. So far it's been interesting trying the flavors. I did the tobacco flavor was so-so. Then the black cherry again. Even though I was never a menthol smoker, the menthol juice was very tasty. Very light...slightly minty and nice throat hit. The I tried the cinnamon, which is my favorite so far. The wife likes the caramel mocha and the berry. We have other samples coming as well.

    Personally and psychologically I don't want a flavor that reminds me of smoking. It was a 36 year nasty habit.

    Because we were heavy smokers...2 ppd...we went with the 24mg nicotine juice. I find it's just right for now. We can always taper down later.

    We started with this:

  10. TChestnut

    TChestnut Full Member

    Aug 24, 2013
    PA, USA
    If your wanting to stick with tobacco flavors, maybe try to find one you like the taste of and get it with 100%VG for maximum vapor production, then add unflavored PG to cut the flavor?
  11. WBB0

    WBB0 Full Member

    Jul 28, 2013
    The juice is definitely the hard part. Spending $60 on any juice you haven't already tasted is very likely a waste of money. Even the most highly rated juice from the very best vendors may be totally disgusting for you. There are way too many variables that cannot be accounted for until you figure out what you like. You'll want to buy a lot of small bottles from different vendors rather than one huge bottle of something you can't stand.
  12. Txaggiesaunt

    Txaggiesaunt Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 16, 2013
  13. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 21, 2013
    Venice, FL
    If you are looking for inexpensive but great quality juice, try Mount Baker Vapor. Just got my first order and cannot believe how good they are. I love my Protank 2 (glass tank). Throat hit, to me, is a combination of nicotine level, percentage of pg/vg (I like 50/50 at 1.8% nicotine as a former pipe smoker) quality of the juice and the voltage that you vape with. I find that the higher the voltage, the more throat hit you get from it. Finally, battery type has a HUGE role in quality of vapor. I am waiting for the Innokin iTaste MVP 2 variable wattage device to become more available (love the box-like shape). Currently using a vision style twist variable voltage battery and find them very uneven in performance.
  14. Nu2Dis

    Nu2Dis Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 24, 2013
    Jersey Shore, NJ, USA
    If you have any local B&M shops near you, stop in. The few in my area let you taste the flavors. If you find one you like, you can buy it there, or find a cheaper supplier on-line.

    Since you roll your own stogies, you may want to look into DIY, once you're settled in. You can by large quantities for very little investment and vape for a long time.

    Good luck on your Journey. This Forum has been a great tool for learning. Where else could you go to get so many different opinions on the same question?
  15. BobbyQ

    BobbyQ Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 2, 2013
    I'm new here too, but here's my take on things.. I'll try to make it simple..

    Nic level.. Full flavor would be- 24mg-kinda harsh throat hit...
    Med strength would be 16-18mg
    Light or ultra light would be 6-12mg=
    Smooth throat hit - no choking.

    More pg=more throat hit/more harsh/more flavor
    More vg= more vapor/less throat hit.

    My personal preference is somewhere between 70/30 or 50/50 pg/vg

    Nic level for me, around 12-18mg ..(I smoked Marlboro reds for many years).

    Hope that helps.. And if any veteran vapers disagree, please feel free to correct me.
    Also check out ecblend, they have pretty good prices, $2.50 for 5ml samples you can configure any way imaginable, and if you venture into DIY, look up wizard
  16. WolfeTX

    WolfeTX Full Member Verified Member

    Aug 24, 2013
    whitney, texas
    Thanks for all the replies guys!! yall are being a big help!
    I am convinced now to go with a sampler pack type of thing maybe.
    I did find a smoke/vap shop semi local in waco that i think we may make the 80 mile round trip for payday for the juice to start with. They say you can try before you buy.

    BobbyQ.. Many thanks thats some info that really helps about the nic levels and throat hit!
  17. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 21, 2013
    Venice, FL
    Be careful with some "try before you buy". A shop in my area does that with low end rigs and drip tip condoms. The fluid tasted totally different in my rig. No, it wasn't good if you are curious. LOL.
  18. DavidOck

    DavidOck ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Don't get a huge bottle of any juice until you've tried it. Yes, cheaper in big bottles, but not if you can't stand vaping it! Samplers are the way to go, since you can't get to a B&M for a vape bar session.

    After 45 years of pack a day "full flavor" (last few years of RYO pipe tobacco...), I found 18 mg wasn't enough, 24 did the trick for me. (Tapering off over time, now at 18...)

    You also might want to consider a VV or VW battery, which lets you tune the vape to your liking. And you can adjust for variances in the actual coil resistance. The Vamo is a reasonable choice.

    Like Bad says, the first couple of months, getting the hardware in order, may be a bit over your usual smoke budget, but after that - unless you jump on the "oooh, coooool, gotta have it!" path, will be just juice and replacement parts.
  19. MaxUT

    MaxUT Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 4, 2009
    Ogden, UT, US
    I'll second what Baditude said about nicotine strength-- lower nic will be milder. I suggest 12mg, which is a mid-range strength.

    As for hardware, it's hard to beat the value of an Ego Twist. I vape a Provari most of the time but still regularly use a Twist with an EVOD clearomizer with a low-nic juice for an evening vape (too much nic interferes with getting to sleep).

    I'm primarily a tobacco flavors fan. Here's a few of the smoother liquids you might try, from least to most expensive:

    Dekang Mild Seven

    GoodEJuice Wranger Light

    Halo Turkish Tobacco

    BTW, I've never discovered a really cheap tobacco liquid which was also good-tasting. Those "bargain" liquids turned out to be wasted money.
  20. Converterjoe

    Converterjoe New Member

    Aug 18, 2013
    United States
    Pack and a half Marlboro Reds per day to none now that I'm vaping. I started out with tobacco flavors @ 18mg nic level. Now, like KnurledNut above, I don't even want to be reminded of that old nasty habit so I'm enjoying lots of different flavors (@12mg now). It's all about finding what you like. I hate some of the flavors my wife is wild about and vice-versa. Don't give up!
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