House of Hybrids featuring the Zenesis PV - Part 2

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the ob

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Jan 31, 2011
    this is a direct quote from the "continuations" thread that I thought zen and all of you would want to see. From Rolygate.

    Yes Mark.

    These are things we need to try and figure out.

    Also it now looks as if we may have to exempt Supplier threads from this (as we can). We don't want to hurt people in any way.

    Everything has a cost/benefit balance, at first this looked as if it would help - but there may be too many negatives. I personally am not convinced that this can provide any speed increase, from the technical point of view, but I need to repeat that with the recent strong interest in pageload times - and especially the perception that it is not a local issue - we have to try various things to see if any improvement results.

    Also, even when theory says something is not possible, sometimes it does work...

    looks like the thread might be back. They are being very open to listening to everyone and the suppliers.


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    Apr 15, 2011
      Yea i wish all the crap didn't happen i just thought it would be cool to see where the numbers are and they have been and so on.. I feel like i kinda added to the drama... I posted that thread a while back,,, I apologize if it bothers y'all....!!!

      Not a problem at all, Landlord. It was never an issue until yesterday.


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      Sep 12, 2010
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        Well... since we haven't put the S/N thing to bed yet i'll weigh in. I think there is something to uniqueness and identity. Would I prefer one hand tooled by Zen? He11s yes. Could I get one with the Marine Corp. emblem tooled onto the button cap and “Semper Fi” where the # goes? I wish…

        Funny you should mention that....

        The Bottom Cap is being examined for inlay of a variety of things.
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