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How to tell if you've got a genuine Joyetech eGo

Discussion in 'HappyVaper' started by thinblueline36, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. thinblueline36

    thinblueline36 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Apr 20, 2010
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    The Ego Booster was designed for use with genuine Joyetech eGo and eGo-T batteries, and should not be used with non-Joyetech devices.*

    Using the Ego Booster with Joyetech batteries (such as Happy eGos, Joye eGos or TW’s Tornados) provides an exceptional variable voltage vaping experience.

    Using the Ego Booster with non-Joyetech fat battery devices (fat batts) will not harm the Ego Booster, but it can damage the fat batt’s circuitry and may render the fat batt unusable

    Due to the number of similar appearing devices on the market, determining what is and isn’t a genuine Joyetech eGo can be confusing. To make matters even more confusing, some vendors sell non-Joyetech eGo devices with misleading names like “Ego” or “EGO”, or, even worse, falsely claim their products are Joyetech when they’re not.

    A list of some fake Joyetechs can be found at the Joyetech website here.

    Additionally, Joyetech can be queried directly about the authenticity of a device by emailing

    But what can you do yourself to determine if your eGo is genuine?

    With a Multimeter:

    If your freshly charged eGo or eGo-T, without load, meters at 3.2v – 3.4v, then it is most likely a genuine eGo and it will work with the Ego Booster. If, however, it meters at 3.7v or higher, it is not a genuine eGo or eGo-T and should not be used with the Ego Booster.

    Without a Multimeter:

    The Name: If it’s not called an eGo or eGo-T, then it is most likely not a Joytech eGo. One exception to this is TW’s Tornado line, but their websites clearly state that the Tornado is a Joyetech product and Joyetech, if asked, will confirm this.

    The Button: This is the best method we’ve found to determine the difference between genuine Joyetech eGos and non-Joyetech devices. Look at the two pictures below.

    Fig. A - eGo

    eGo button.jpg

    In Fig. A –
    This is a genuine Joyetech eGo. The button is clear, hard plastic with a slight indentation.

    If your eGo (or Tornado) has this button, it most likely a genuine Joyetech and can be used with the Ego Booster.

    Fig. B - Not an eGo

    Non-eGo Button.jpg

    In Fig. B – This is a non-Joyetech fat batt. The button is opaque. It has no indentation and feels more like soft rubber. Though button size and shape vary slightly on non-Joyetech fat batt devices (some are oval) they are typically opaque, soft rubber. Any fat batt with an opaque, soft rubber button is NOT a genuine Joyetech eGo or eGo-T and should not be used with the Ego Booster.

    * The Ego Booster also works with mods powered by IMR high drain batteries, but for the purpose of this article, we will be discussing only integrated fat battery (fat batt) devices.
  2. Happy Domino38

    Happy Domino38 Moved On ECF Veteran

    Feb 27, 2010
    Toronto Canada
    GREAT info TBL! Thanks for the post!! :thumbs:
  3. WolfeReign

    WolfeReign Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 19, 2011
    Wolfe Paradise
    thank you thinblueline36!! i have been trying to figure out why a 650mAh genuine ego batter out preforms the 1100mAh pass through i has been really getting to me, then finally i found this. Sure enough the 650's have the marking's as fig. A, while the pass through has a button that juts out more. The button looks like it was a attempt to look like a diamond in it so following your guide at long last i see i have a clone (which is now shelved)....if it is not stickied, i am wondering if maybe (prays) the mods can maybe make it one? i have noticed alot of n00bs like myself asking this question....
  4. eGoisti

    eGoisti Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2012
    Joyetech eGO-C batteries output is 4.1V, so the configuration is different from eGo/eGo-T and should not be used with the Ego Booster!
  5. jlew

    jlew Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 28, 2012
    WV, USA
    I just checked the link to the "Fake eGo's" in the first post here and the link is dead at the Joyetech site.

    Therefore, I have taken the liberty of adding the following links:

    Websites selling Non JoyeTech and Ego Copycats and Unauthorized JoyeTech and Ego:

    Distributors in All Countries:
    Joyetech brand offline electronic cigarette shops

    The reason I am doing this is because a good friend of mine has shown me that his eGo-C battery
    has malfunctioned on at least 3 occasions --

    1) The battery would charge and show a full charge
    2) the button LED would light up white
    3) Held too long, the button would blink and go out
    4) as charge went down, the light would change color -- BUT

    After a few puffs on a full charge, pressing the button would do nothing... no light, no vape, nothing.
    One time, he was just holding it and when he tried, it did nothing.

    Putting it back on the USB charger for only a few seconds would sort of "Reset" it --

    When hooked to the charger and plugged in. the button would blink about 5 times and go out.
    After only a few seconds of charge, the charger light would go green.
    The battery would function again for a few puffs and then stop again.

    I am suspecting this is either a fake, copycat, or there is a malfunction in the chip.

    He has taken it to a local seller and they keep trying to tell him it is a Clearomizer problem --
    I can take the same Clearomizer and put it on either of the 2 eGo's I have and it works fine.
    The seller changed the head and just made $4 off of him by selling him a new head or stem and
    nothing is wrong with the old one.

    The seller also did some kind of "Test" on the carto stem and said (according to my friend):
    "it is jumping all over the place"

    Um... what is jumping all over the place?
    I am a Computer Repair Tech and know electronics and even a multimeter cannot "Test" something
    that has No Current running through it - except for Continuity - and that does not "Jump" all over the

    When the light works on the battery (white) - it is showing a voltage of 3.8v

    (RE EDIT 8:08 pm)

    He was just over here again and I used a magnifier to look around the contact areas --
    It appears that there may have been enough liquid or other foreign matter between the carto center pin
    and ground threads to be causing a "Crossover Short" and after a few puffs, the liquid would settle around
    it again and cause it to stop working...

    I cleaned it really well and it is working fine again...

    Let's see for how long this time. :)

    (RE EDIT 9:25 pm)

    Well that didn't last long... he just called and it stopped working again.

    Going to tear down the clearomizer tomorrow and see if a coil wire is out of place
    or if there is anything causing a "Crossover Short" in the stem or head.

    I am thinking it is a fluid buildup or something like that - he is not aware of how to
    fully clean one yet.
  6. Happy Domino38

    Happy Domino38 Moved On ECF Veteran

    Feb 27, 2010
    Toronto Canada
    Hey Everyone!

    Just in case anyone checks the links that jlew posted and DON'T find us on there, not to worry! We will NOT be found on Joye's list of Authorized Distributors, which can be found here: Joyetech brand offline electronic cigarette shops

    We are Joye's ONLY authorized Business Partner in Canada, so you WILL find us here: Joyetech worldwide business partner and you can see our logo under the OEM Business Partners List!

    Hope this clears up any confusion for anyone new trying to look us up as a Distributor! ;)

    P.S. the link that jlew provided, is a GREAT tool! Please keep the link handy and check ANY vendors that DO claim to offer Genuine Joye products! (Oh yes they do and you might be surprised who DOESN'T come up!)
  7. Barto

    Barto Moved On ECF Veteran

    Aug 4, 2011
    Agreed. A+ post!
  8. zoyabean

    zoyabean Full Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    all joyetech ego batteries have serial numbers on them you can check with

    Barcode and serial number application

  9. zoyabean

    zoyabean Full Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    do not buy joyetech without serial numbers.. no telling how old the unit is without serial number
  10. zoyabean

    zoyabean Full Member

    Nov 2, 2013
  11. zoyabean

    zoyabean Full Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    the button is the worst method to determine whether or not you have a genuine joyetech product.. how much would it cost them to replicate the button? ego batteries made from happyvaper have the same exact button.
  12. khaled.qubaia

    khaled.qubaia Full Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    Irvine , CA , USA
    Now Joyetech has a USA online store which is the best way to avoid getting fake devices :)

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