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Intellicig Referrals Your products could be free

Discussion in 'Intellicig' started by The Ecopure King, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. The Ecopure King

    The Ecopure King Moved On

    Sep 19, 2009
    Refer your friends and earn points to spend in store. Your Intellicig products could be free with a few clicks of your mouse!

    For 1 week only we are offering 60 points (£6.00) to spend in store when your referral leads to a sale.
    [h=3]Benefits include...[/h]
    • [​IMG] [h=3]Everybody earns points![/h] Refer a friend and when they make a purchase you will receive 30 points. You'll also earn 5 points on every order they place in the future.
    • [​IMG] [h=3]Import your contacts quickly...[/h] You can import your contacts from a number all popular e-mail clients, enabling you to ensure as many people as possible discover the Intellicig range!
    • [​IMG] [h=3]Refer friends using multiple methods[/h] Refer your friends by email directly from the Intellicig website, referral code or you can even use your own email address!
    • [​IMG] [h=3]Simple & no sign-up required[/h] No sign-up is required and the referrals system is extremely simple to use. Simply log into your account and click on "My Referrals" to get started.
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