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Joyetech Exceed X review by stratus.vaping

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by stratus.vaping, Dec 22, 2019.

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  1. stratus.vaping

    stratus.vaping Super Member ECF Veteran

    Joyetech Exceed X

    Review by stratus.vaping

    Joyetech provided me with the device, but I always try to give a realistic review, usually after a week or two of daily use. I tend to give a “real user” review rather than delving into the numbers, others do that much better than I can. I normally use a well known premium e-liquid for all my reviews, it’s high VG, zero Nic and uses fruit flavourings with complex flavour notes, I know how it tastes in many devices and with varied settings, in that way I can judge how good a device is at releasing subtle flavours. I sometimes use nic and cbd liquid when testing devices.

    The Exceed X is the latest device in the long running Joyetech Exceed stable that includes the D19, a few months ago they released the Grip which has been a strong player in the market and is soon to have a rebuildable coil system. Recently they announced the eGrip Mini, a tiny version of the Grip. I do have samples of the RBA coil and the eGrip on the way (I think!) but they have been emulating Phileas Fogg for the past 31 days circling the globe courtesy of China Post ....

    The Exceed X follows the ranges tradition of simplicity and flexibility. Built in 1000mAh cell, constant 3 level power output with 30 minute USB-C charging, one button control, no screen, seperate tank and compatibility with EX series coils that allows a wide range of vaping styles. 98g unfilled and slim, so it’s easy to carry.


    The X has an easy to handle and operate minimalist design, it’s 117.2mm tall and takes the form of a round cornered square - a cuboid. The metallic colours are broken up by a plastic panel on one side that houses the single coloured control button, led and charging port and the two muted etched panels inscribed “Joyetech” & “Exceed X”




    The single button is “plasticky”, but operates positively suggesting that there is a proper microswitch underneath, it’s a fire button ofc, but also turns the X on with 5 clicks and controls the three power levels that are indicated by the LED above the USB-C port with colours - High = green; Blue = medium (default on turn on); Low = Red. To change; with power on click button 3 times to toggle between the levels.

    The LED also shows battery level remaining when vaping: Green = 100% - 60%; Blue 59% - 30% and Red less than 29% charge remaining.

    Protections are ofc built in, low voltage, short circuit, timeout, coil faults etc are indicated by various LED flash patterns and auto-shutdown. The manuals are available with all those details from the links at the bottom of the review.


    The tank is also named Exceed X and features an X etched into the chimney, child proof filling, 1.8ml capacity with a wide range of those readily available EX series coils available. The retail kit contains an EX 1.2 ohm MTL and an EX-M 0.4 ohm mesh coil, there’s also an EX 0.5 ohm coil marketed alongside the kit that I did not receive, I don’t think that it’s provided with any retailed kit.

    I’m a DL vaper, so I initially installed the Mesh DL coil and opened up the airflow wide. (BTW the images show an empty tank, I took all the photos when I had a virus and was unable to vape anything!). A fully open DL is very, very loose, about half way worked well for me, the adjustment ring, power levels and wide coil range allows for everything between a wide open DL and a very tight MTL, so should cater for just about everybody’s needs.

    The vape! It can be warm, cool, medium hot, what do you want? It’s not going to fog out the room and it’s not going to cook any eggs with heat at a max rated power of 13W but it’s a nice very pleasant vape. Flavour is good with the mesh coil, the MTL coil was more muted, but then I don’t usually MTL so I found it a bit strange to use in that way.

    Changing the coil is easy, the tank parts are well machined and fit well, I was pleased to find a spare tank glass and a set of seals in my sample kit, something that Joyetech have not always supplied in the past.


    The filling system would seem to be a bit of a regression back to the “old days”, there’s no sliding top with silicon seals but rather a press down and unscrew top that is then completely removed to access the tank for direct filling, see above. It’s a bit of a knack to unscrew so is, I would guess, childproof. Once understood it’s easy and works well, so its sweet and simple. The mouthpiece is comfortable and removable too. No leaks, gurgles or spit-backs, hurrah! It didn’t leak laying down either, that’s a tough test for some devices .........

    Battery life? It lasted me all day, I don’t chain vape but I do DL and like a good pull! The 30 min stated fast charging is a great advantage, it charged from RED to full within 35 mins using my 2A capable powerbank , slower using 1A USB phone chargers.

    Colours - Black/Blue/Green/Red/Silver

    Conclusion - I like it, I’ve seen so many pods in the past year that the X was a welcome change, in fact I like it a lot. Easy to use, fast charging and yes with zero gurgles, leaks and other nasties, easy to find and long lasting EX series coils, great airflow, good flavour. The only minor neg would be the plastic LED/Button/USB port housing panel - it would have looked better to continue the metallic material on all sides, but it’s not a biggy for me.

    It fits neatly in a slim top pocket of my waterproof walking coat, with my Yaesu handie on the other side 8)


    On sale for around £33.00 for the full kit in the uk.

    That’s all folks, short review wasn’t it? ;)

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