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Keep cool with Vapor Nine! Summer GIVEAWAY/Contest!

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      And here they are, you're extra special, super cool, winners! (drumroll please...)

      3rd prize went to pokergod

      2nd prize went to Manudawg

      1st prize went to Reddhott

      The critic's choice awards went to Davelog (post #93) and Chunkmeister (post #157)

      Congratulations to all the winners!

      Thanks to everyone who played, it was a real blast looking through all the funny posts and I had a hard time choosing just 2. Keep on the lookout for other awesome stuff from Vapor Nine (because we love you!)

      An extra special shout out to everyone who came by the live show today! In case you missed it: Nick ate his lunch (a cheeseburger) and talked about Rockets (oh, and our excellent new AMP Batts!) And then got chastised by his wife for eating the cheeseburger. It was a real barn burner :p All this while managing to look at funny pictures on the internet and for some strange reason, laugh maniacally as well as give away prizes and also do actual work!

      Freezer Pants! Seriously, best idea ever...

      Happy Vaping!
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