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LOST VAPE URSA QUEST review by hittman

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  • Jul 13, 2009
    Somewhere between here and there
      Hello. Today I will be discussing the lost vape Ursa Quest kit that was sent to me for the purpose of providing a fair and honest review by sourcemore. I was already somewhat familiar with the Ursa before receiving the review sample due to having already purchased one. I have to say that I like that the kit comes with so many options for the user to try in order to decide what works for them on the mod. Let’s take a look at what is included and some features then I will discuss my experience with it and the included accessories.




      1* Ursa Quest Device
      1* Ursa Pro Tank 7ml (Pre-installed, 810 drip tip)
      1* Ursa Pod Tank 6ml (510 drip tip)
      1* 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 Coil
      1* 0.2ohm UB M4 Coil
      1* 510 Adaptor
      1* Airflow Control Base (Pre-installed)
      1* 18650 Battery Adaptor
      8* O-rings
      1* Type-C Cable
      1* Warranty Card
      1* Leather Warning Card (Leather Series Only)
      1* User Manual




      Dimension 126*43*33mm
      Battery Single 21700/20700/18650 battery (not included)
      Power Range 5-100W
      Input Voltage 5V
      Battery Voltage 3.0V-4.2V
      Output Voltage 0.7V-8V
      Current Range 1A-35A
      Temperature Range 100℃-315℃/200℉-600℉
      Coil Resistance Supported 0.1ohm-5.0ohm
      Coil Material Supported Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium, SS316, SS904
      Body Material Zinc Alloy
      E-juice Capacity Ursa Pro Tank 7ml, Ursa Pod Tank 6ml
      Color SS Ukraine Leather, Gunmetal Ukraine Leather, Black Ukraine Leather, SS Crocodile Leather, Gunmetal Crocodile Leather, Black Crocodile Leather, SS Embossed Leather, Gunmetal Embossed Leather, Black Embossed Leather



      · 1. Superior color-changeable leather

      · 2. Innovative clip-on lock, more stable than magnetic

      · 3. Visible capacity and side refilling

      · 4. Newest UB Pro Coil to bring amazing vaping

      · 5. Wide airflow range: all close to all open

      · 6. Powered by Single 21700/20700/18650 battery with 100W output

      · 7. Five vape modes: Wattage, Voltage, TC, VPC and Bypass

      · 8. Faster type-c charging

      · 9. New generation of Quest Chip

      · 10. Redefined 510 adapter

      · 11. Two Pod Tank options: Ursa Pod Tank and Ursa Pro Pod Tank

      · 12. Compatible with UB Pro Coils (with Ursa Pro Pod Tank)

      · 13. Compatible with UB Coils (with Ursa Pod Tank)

      · 14. Full-color TFT Screen










      After lifting the box top off, the Ursa mod with the 7ml Pro pod tank installed is exposed. There is not a coil pre-installed. Lifting up that tray exposes the rest of the accessories which are the 6ml Ursa pod, 510 adapter, the UB Pro P1 .15 ohm coil rated for 70-90 watts, the UB .2 ohm M4 coil rated for 40-60 watts, 18650 battery adapter, spare o rings, warranty card, user manual, and USB-C charging cable.

      The one I received is gunmetal and at first glance appears to have black leather. It seems a little odd to me but according to Lost Vape, the more you handle the mod then the leather will turn into its original color. I guess I haven’t used it enough yet because it still looks black to me.

      I very much like that Lost Vape chose to include so many options for the user. The standard UB tank allows the user to use different resistance coils in the UB range of coils as well as an rba coil. The UB Pro tank allows the user less options but has coils designed for high output, temperature control, or there is an rba available. The rbas aren’t included in the kit but I have one of the ones for the Pro and have used it fairly successfully. I did get a little bit of seepage under the tank but could have been that I didn’t wick it correctly. Both of the included Ursa tanks are fairly dark tinted and can be a little difficult to see the liquid level when filling depending on the available light. Both tanks are side fill and use a fairly large rubber stopper to plug the fill port. I found both tanks fairly easy to fill with a 10 or 50 ml plastic bottle but using a glass dropper can be a little messy. The Ursa tanks have an incredible amount of airflow available. Even when the slide airflow control is fully closed there is still a decent amount of airflow. I liked the 6ml tank with the .2 ohm coil at 45 watts with the airflow maybe 1/4 open. The 7ml pro tank with the .15 coil was plenty strong enough for me at 65 watts with about 1/3 open on the airflow. I almost never vape that high and realize that the setting I used is below the recommended range of 70-90 watts. I even mixed some 3mg liquid to use on the pro tank since I figured it would be too strong with 6mg. I found both of the included coils to be very flavorful and obviously with that kind of airflow they will produce large clouds of vapor.



      Besides the Ursa tank there is a 510 adapter included in the kit. I like that the adapter locks into place just like the tanks do so it won’t move while installing or removing the tank of your choice. One thing I noticed is with the adapter installed and then a tank screwed on it makes the entire thing very tall depending on what tank is used. Not sure why that bothered me but it did. The mod is fairly large on its own and is a nice size with the Ursa tanks but with the adapter and a tank on top it is pretty tall. That being said, I think it’s great that the adapter and the different tanks and coils were all included in the kit. Had the rba been included then that would have put it over the top.

      The Ursa Quest mod has a really nice weight to it and sits just under that line where it’s too heavy in my opinion. It feels and appears as well constructed and a quality piece of equipment. The Ursa can be used with 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries with the included 18650 adapter.

      The frame of the Ursa is made from zinc alloy and there are several different choices for the color and material of the side panels. On the zinc frame are the words Ursa Quest on one side and Lost Vape on the other. Near the top of the mod there is a push button on each side that must but pushed in to attach or release the tanks or 510 adapter. However, the UB tanks can be unthreaded from the airflow control base in order to change tanks or coils without having to remove the airflow base from the mod. On the face of the unit from top to bottom is the fire button, display screen, + button, select button, - button, and USB-C port.

      The display on the Ursa shows a lot of information and some things can be adjusted from the main screen using the select button. The display shows the following top to bottom.

      - Coil resistance and battery percentage on top

      - Mode of operation( Power, Bypass, Voltage, VPC, Ni, Ti, SS316, SS904)

      - Wattage or temperature set

      - Pod or Mod mode and user profile

      - Normal/ Soft/ Hard operation mode and puff counter

      - Setting on bottom that takes you into the menu system

      Inside the settings menu there are more options. They are:

      - Atomizer( tells atomizer resistance and current settings)

      - Screen( adjust screen brightness)

      - User( three settable user profiles)

      - Reset

      - About( shows software version)






      I very much enjoyed testing the Lost Vape Ursa Quest kit for this review. I had already purchased two of them before receiving this one for review but had not used either one of the Ursa pod tanks. I was strictly using them with the 510 adapter. I had however been using the .3 UB coils in the Lost Vape Thelema pod mod and liked that one very much so figured that the other coils would be good too. I was not disappointed.

      The Ursa is a very solid and well- built mod. I hesitate to call it a pod mod. The zinc alloy and leather used on the one I received seem very good quality. It is a little odd to me though that you have to wear in the leather to get it to show its true color. The battery cap threads were very smooth and I had no issue installing batteries in it. There are also three venting holes in the cap. I felt like both tanks and coils performed well and the 510 adapter is very solid. I honestly have only had one complaint since using the Ursa. I have had a little difficulty when trying to lock in a pod or adapter onto the mod. It’s a very tight connection and seems to take a little effort when first installing them onto the mod. I have a feeling that this will get a little easier over time.

      To me, the Ursa Quest kit is what all kits should be. It has both available tanks included along with the 510 adapter. I wish all pod mods would include the adapter. I would have liked to try some of the other coils that are available but I guess you can’t have everything in one kit. Or can you? They could offer a limited edition kit with all available coils and both rbas.

      So, would I recommend the Lost Vape Ursa Quest? If you don’t mind a 21700 mod with a little bit of heft to it and want the versatility of running a pod or your favorite tank then it would be a definite yes.

      Thanks for making it to the end of my review and a big thanks to Lilia and Sourcemore for sending this kit for the review. Below is a link to their website and a coupon code to save you a few bucks. Actually I just noticed that the price has dropped below the coupon price but I’ll go ahead and give it anyway.

      Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit 100W 6ml/7ml single 21700/20700/18650 (sourcemore.com)

      Code: URSA for 38.99(I logged in and it’s actually showing $36.59 now)


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    • Jul 13, 2009
      Somewhere between here and there
        Good review, good price on the kit and the coils.

        Thanks! The Ursa is one of my current favorites. I didn't put it in the review but got the rba in the mail yesterday for the 6ml tank. It's a little small but not too bad to build. I'm getting a restricted DTL with it and the airflow fully open. I think I used a little too much cotton though as anything over 18 watts I get dry hits if I chain on it.
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