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Mixing brands?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by JK801, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. JK801

    JK801 New Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    Salt Lake City
    I am new to using E-cigs.
    Happy to say, I haven't been wanting a real cigarette since.
    Ran in to a problem with my "Blu-cigs" batteries dying.
    I had recently switch to using a brand called "GreenSmartLiving".
    I had been using the "GreenSmartLiving" battery, with "Blu-cigs" Cartridges.
    They fit and perform perfectly.

    My question is: is it safe for me to be mixing the two brands of batteries and cartridges?
    has anyone has experience with using different brand's parts together?
    and do all, or most e-cigs batteries and cartridges fit with each other?

    Please advice,

  2. ctourtelot

    ctourtelot Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 3, 2009
    Richmond, VA
    With the type of ecigs you're using, as long as they have the same threading, it's fine to use them together. When you get into larger batteries and atomizer options, it gets a bit more complicated. You're good :)

    Vape away!
  3. cskent

    cskent Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 24, 2010
    There are a number of different models and some are interchangeable, others aren't. The Blu batteries can use 510 cartomizers, atomizers, and cartridges, but the batteries can't be charged on a 510 charger (and 510's can't go on a Blu charger) because they are wired in reverse from eachother. The GreenSmartLiving is probably a 510. Basically as long as the atomizer or cartomizer fits and functions it's no problem using them.
  4. JK801

    JK801 New Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    Salt Lake City
    So good to hear!
    Thanks for the quick reply guys!
    I was worried that it was gonna blow up in my face.
    After a few baby puffs...
    I was comfortable enough, to take full hits from my ghetto-rigged-mix-brand-e-cig.

    I don't really get all the mods and extras yet.
    I'm also afraid to refill my own cartridges.
    I just use simple batteries with disposable cartridges.
    Any advice on which brand I should go for?
    Simple hardware yet long lasting batteries, and good bold tasting vapor for beginners?
  5. cskent

    cskent Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 24, 2010
    What type of cartridges are you talking about? There's cartomizers that combine an atomizer and cartridge into a single unit, and then there's atomizers with separate cartridges. Cartomizers come in two different types, hard cap and soft cap. Either can be refilled by putting about 20 drops of liquid into the silicon "condom" and pushing the cartomizer down into it to force the liquid into the battery end of it. Cartridges on an atomizer are even easier, just drip juice into the filler in the cartridge until it looks wet but not flooded.

    If you're happy with how long the batteries you have are lasting, you might want to consider a standard 510 model. Most people vape a lot and don't like the short battery life they have though. The next step up are the eGo or Riva's. They'll last a lot longer on a charge. That's what most people graduate to, and a lot of them stay with them. They're not too expensive and work reasonably well. You can also get tank models that let you avoid refilling as often, but people either love them or hate them so if you're interested in going that route you might want to start another thread asking for opinions on them.

    Mods can seem complicated but once you get into them you'll probably never go back to anything smaller. They hit harder, last longer, are built more durable, and in the long run cost about the same or even less than the production models. But they're often more expensive in the beginning. Batteries are cheaper and come in much larger sizes. The voltage is usually higher even on fixed voltage models. Variable voltage lets you get your hits just right.

    If you're happy with what you've got right now there's not really any need to upgrade though. Take some time and read through the forums and pretty soon it'll all start making sense, then you'll be able to make an informed purchase if you decide to do so.
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