My experience vaping in Germany

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May 24, 2014
Morrilton, AR, USA
So, I just returned from 2 weeks in Germany. I have been vaping for almost 5 months. And here are my opinions and experiences from the old country.
Getting juice was not hard, but the quality differences are about the same as here in the USA. The tobacco stores have all kind os liquids, no problem, but just like here, it is not that great. I only found two vape shops, one was a hole in the wall, and I simply did not trust it, so I did not buy anything. Then I went to the vinirette store, and was pleasantly surprised. The liquids are top quality, some flavors that are hard to come by here, were amazing. I got a passion fruit, that is almost like drinking the fresh made juice from the fruit. very small hard ware collection, compared to my local store here. I did not see anybody vaping while walking around town. it did not seem to be common. just in case you were wondering, I was in a rural town outside of Nuremberg, but did visit the big city some. The few people I did encounter, were all using basic egot's, and clearomizers of the "disposable" variety. Even the guy in the shop did not have the impressive equipment that I am so used to seeing here in the shops. But the big difference? It is widely popular with the celebrities, and seems to be filtering down from there. Everybody agrees that it is healthier than smoking. But it seemed like more people were smoking in Germany than I see here.
So, I am not saying that it is better here or there. But the flavors of juice are different, the hard ware is lagging behind ours.
If Germany is like that come and see Thailand. You hardly every see a Thai vaping. Maybe not here in Pattaya but more often in bangkok maybe don't know. For the equipment its more like from the only forums. As shops get closed down due to legal rights. Juice, well China and Philippines dekhang from I don't know where. Flavors are minimal. Gosh I need find concentrated in the outside world but customs make a hard time.
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