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My first coil building experience.

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Mar 20, 2013
    Okay so I got my "cobra" from fasttech and my AGA-t2 from vapor kings today. The "cobra" is still in the box. I've been playing with the aga.

    So I rolled up a 500 mesh wick. oxidized it and inserted into the aga. I then took a strand of wire. Screwed one end to the negative post. Put I think 4 wraps around my wick cut to size and screwed the other end on my positive post. I checked the resistance on my vamo and got a 2.4 ohm on the first attempt so I thought I'd leave it there (actually I first got a 3.0 took a wrap off and ended with a 2.4)

    So i try dry firing it to see if the coil heats evenly and it seems to me only the ends and maybe the first bottom wrap are turning red. I messed with it a bit but without any luck. So I filled it up with liquid and it is vaping good but I think it could vape better if my coil was heating evenly. Any idea what I do now to get it to fire properly?

    Also the top cap is heating up quit a bit i noticed. and I just checked the ohms again and got a 2.6 checked it 5 minutes later and got a 2.5. Why is it changing?
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    Nov 3, 2010
      sounds like your top and bottom coil is not tight against the wick so it's not getting any juice at those coils. For me these are the hardest part of the coil to get a nice tight wrap too.

      What size wire are you using? i ask because 2.5 is high for a genesis esp with 500 mesh, unless that is what you like but you could be getting a lot more vapor. If it's the wire you got with the aga then it's 32 and might be hard to get down under 2 ohms. I have the same setup as you and using 30g wire with 4 coils that give me 1.5 ohms and vaping at 10w with amazing results.


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      Apr 29, 2013
      Las Vegas, NV, USA
        Need a mech to pulse it tell it becomes even or you need to oxidize the wire. I'm not a professional but I been using nothing but a smoktech RSST on a KTS and love it. Just got it Thursday. Burns evenly and everything. Once built and has juice you shouldnt' see it light up any more. Just amazing vapor and taste.

        But someone more knowledgeable may correct me but that is my understanding from my research.

        running 32 gauge on 400 MESH 3 wraps for 1.7 OHMS
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