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My first review on the NEW GGTS w/ AVS e-cig

Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by Rippspeed, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2010
    Dartmouth, NS Canada
    Explanation provided above^
  2. Jumi

    Jumi Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2010
    Athens, Greece
    All is past and forgotten my friend :)

    I like to argue over ideas or products when my opinion differs, everything gets better when opinions differ, so I do it all the time (just ask my wife :D ). It just pisses me off when someone uses a "you are a..." type of argument. It wasn't the case with you as I understand so we can continue to argue over GG as friends :)

    I understand your opinion on the "o no" thread but I also understand the other people opinions. When something gives all the solutions but it scratches itself, well, many people will not care. In my opinion it should be fixed but if it doesn't, eeeeh, I can live with that.
  3. Rippspeed

    Rippspeed Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 18, 2010
    A, A
    ok ... More of a in depth explanation of my comments after a couple of days with my GGTS and AVS . I found that with the GGTS w/ AVS some of my un-vapable liquids were now become my favorite vapes. Strawberry Mint from VikingVapor 100% VG double flavor and full flavor TH, was harsh at 6 volts with just dripping on my 801 atty on my prodigy v3. It was completely too harsh and un-vapable in my GG AFS V2 on my prodigy v3 at 6volts. But, at 3volts in the GG AFS V2 on the prodigy v3 it was a good vape.

    Now, with the GGTS w/ AVS @ 6volts the same liquid is great and I havent been able to vape on anything else. Its just the simple fact that with the adjustable draw it feels like I'm smoking a light cigarette instead of a harsh cheap filterless cigarette.

    The Prodigy V3 isnt without its fault either. I have lost 2 adapters because of the thin walls on its adapters. As well as some of the adapters wasnt properly put together. As in the draw hole in the adapter isnt centered properly so draw on my kr808 cartos.couldnt be possible. And even with a properly centered draw hole on the adapter the draw was still alittle hard vs the adjustable draw on the GGTS w/ AVS can be adjusted from light to hard. And some times the Prodigy V3 would not fire consistently, there were days were it would hit or miss. And it require me to take the button assymble off the tube and re-install before would fire consisntently again.

    And the prodigy v3 needed a proper spring from homedepot to work better and have better fitment. Why didnt they come out with it in the first place? Dont get me wrong I still love my prodigy v3 it just like have a car that requires its carbs adjusted ever time the weather changes.

    Yes, I like GG because it manufacturer listens and answers and helps out it customers. Would you buy from a car company that you can get alk your quieres answered and your issues solved by the automarker himself???

    Other manufacturer of ecigs just tell you that their product is good and your atty or your adapter is cheaply made or a copy. To me it comes to customer service and standing by your product wether its coming out with a fix for it or be ready to answer questions from your customers. I've dealt with alot of bad companies with some seriously screwed up customer service, and we were talking about car parts that were worth a couple of thousands of dollars.

    So you ask yourself this, even thought Imeo might have his faults and might have some issues with product. Would you buy from a manufacturer that is constantly working to re-invent and/or make his product better instead of turning a blind eye on the issues ???

    You guys have to understand we're in the era where our ecigs are just in the model t's and not all the bugs are worked out yet...
  4. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2010
    Dartmouth, NS Canada

    I thank you and applaud your expanded review of both units. This is the type of info we do not see often enough. A great product will withstand the test of time, not just perform fresh out of the gate, and I believe we have seen far too many of those.

    IMHO all things being equal (including conductive resistance of the unit) a 3.7V device X using the same battery, same atty and same liquid, cannot IMHO outshine device Y, in performance. It is a physical impossibility (remember all things are =).

    What makes device X better than device Y, it's attributes:

    • this could be a locking button
    • construction material
    • variable voltage
    • all mechanical
    • variable battery configuration
    • aesthetics etc...
    This is purely my opinion based on what I have seen, and what prevented me from pulling the trigger on the GG. I applaud that the issues and concerns are being addressed, but prototyping should be reserved in the development stages, not an on going process which is what my eyes are seeing. I further respect that folks don't mind imperfections provided a solution is forthcoming? A bona fide solution, not a quick fix. The latter is is what I have been seeing.

    The analogy of a cooling overflow tank for the cooling system of a vehicle is comparable to the collector tank is reaching at best, as an accepted fix but not a solution per se. Some might say it is mere semantic, to me, it is far more than that. The correct cooling liquid ratio/mixture and a clean radiator play a far greater role in preventing an over pressurised cooling system, rather than providing an overflow tank to prevent blowing a head gasket, or radiator hose etc...

    So do I want to buy a device that has visible known imperfections? No. e.g the marring of the tube sleeve by the internal threads of the tube ends. IMHO it is demonstrated poor workmanship vs uniqueness.
  5. Ast_Isis

    Ast_Isis Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 7, 2009
    Fort Worth, TX
    "You guys have to understand we're in the era where our ecigs are just in the model t's and not all the bugs are worked out yet... "

    This is a very appropriate analogy, Rip. The evolution of ecigs is still in the beginning stages hence the constant changes, updates, and new innovations. When we purchase many of the current mods we are essentially funding the "beta" version. For some like myself it is worth the cost to reward progressive thinking and provide positive/negative feedback.
  6. grimmer255

    grimmer255 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    My opinion is this, the GGTS is far to complicated than what it needs to be. The concept is great but it lacks simplicity. It has far to many parts to be simple. What makes a mod simple is having very few parts and when taken apart its very easy to put it back together. The GGTS has over 15 pieces altogether including o-rings. The center post for the attie alone has 5 or 6 pieces and this has to be taken apart and cleaned ever so often to make sure that the o-rings and plastic parts do not get corroded due to eliquid getting down into it. Plus cleaning the brass will help with a better vaping experience. Also, this needs to happen because the threads for the 510 get gunked up so taking that center post off helps to get it cleaned way better.

    Other issues such as:
    • It's to bulky
    • It gets tarnished quickly
    • The telescope part if tighten to much can cause to much pressure on the batteries which leads to damaging them
    • The size of the GGTS should be used only for 6v vaping or 18650 or 18500 style batteries
    • 16340 or 14500 batteries is ridiculous to use in that mod because the GGTS is still to bulky.
    • ............................................................ect.

    The GGT was a lot better than the GGTS. It was a lot easier to clean and it was simple to use. But it was still to bulky.

    He should have stuck with the GGT style because it was very user friendly. He should make smaller units for those who only want to use smaller batteries like the 16340 or 14500... and those who wants 6v can add a sleeve or use the larger version which would be great for those who like the larger batteries like the 18650 or can use that 7.4v.

    I own a GGTS and have owned a GGT. The GGTS in my opinion has been nothing but a headache and I barely even look at it now. The GGT had far less issues and should have been perfected because by now it wouldn't be a prototype.
  7. Lightgeoduck

    Lightgeoduck Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 7, 2009
    jp(APO)Camp Z us
    @grimm I see your point, but I don't agree with everything you say.

    I feel the GGTS is a great unit.. and IMO not too complicated to use.
    Bulky? well even using the 18650 it is comparable if not smaller than other 18650 devices.

    yes I see using the 14500 would be rediculous, but I personally like using the 18490 which isn't a common size. That is one of the draws to the GGTS the versitily in battery usage..

    as far as tons of parts.. well yes more than mose, but I don't see it as too much of a hinderance that some seem to protray it to be. yes maintenance is importance and GGTS does require more cleaning/up keep than others(as for points to care for )

    Flaws.. yes I can see how that would be important to some and not important to others..(as far as the aluminum telescopic part) but I personally don't mind and I still have the brass one as well.

    shining.. well besides the brass needing more effort of care.. the aluminum parts aren
    't any different to some other devices that have been made..

    side note: Price is comparable as well barebone is really not to far off from other devices offered.. and has features (that have people that are interested) that would justify it.

    I have many mods (like alot here do here) Plus there are alot of quality of mods out there to choose from... WHICH by the way is GREAT... because we all know there were some true flops that have come/will come out that people should be more concerned about staying clear from.

    As far as the AVS.. i feel it is a great design, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's for everyone... that is totally up to taste, but if one likes the concept and the looks.. knowing that the AVS works is a big plus :)

    end @grimm

    Closing.. I never understood the whole mine is better than yours mentality.. nor the knock one down to bring another up concept... because then it starts getting into nit picking... of course my views with this is how I veiw everything in life.. the extremes of either side of the spectrum is not benificial to the whole...

    and as a vaporer and consumer I feel if everyone omits the fluff and the flame.. you will get down to the points that will help one to make their decision
  8. grimmer255

    grimmer255 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    The GGTS is a great concept but he needs to figure out a way to bring down the amount of tiny pieces that are in that. 5 large pieces and 10 tiny pieces that leaves no room to lose any of it.

    The price is ridiculous and I don't care what Imeo says about the cost is for him. I dont buy it!!! I looked up the prices that it cost for parts and looked at prices it cost to make at a machinist shop. He is doing very basic and easy work on his mods. He uses already hollowed out tubes... which are very cheep to begin with. The threading on the GGTS is very basic and easy for a machinist to do at low costs.

    LOL I dropped a weight on my telescopic unit 2 or so months back and I ended up having to sand down a part of it out so I could use it again. The battery could not go in because of the dent it made. Anyway I asked Imeo what it would cost to replace it because I was being fare and said it was my fault which it was and was willing to pay for a new one. He told me $36.00 to replace a brass tube..... are you kidding me? He says I'm sorry but that is what it cost me to make it. B.S there is no way a brass tube with threads cost $36. Just like how Imeo is charging $14 for 901 adapter for the 2 in 1 attie cap. The 901 brass piece is worth 25 cents and maybe 1 dollar worth of threading..... so to be fare that little adapter piece is worth $1.25 cents and he is charging $14 talk about mark up.

    He uses very cheap aluminum I don't care what he says..... I have an S6 that maybe needs a little cleaning every 6 weeks. The GGTS has to be cleaned every 1.5 weeks because it can get black. I even tried a polisher that protects metal from tarnishing and it still doesn't help with GGTS.

    I don't know what is in his aluminum but it gets tarnished very easily.....
  9. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2010
    Dartmouth, NS Canada
    No truer words have been spoken.
  10. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Feb 18, 2010
    Dartmouth, NS Canada
    The unfortunate side is that as long as folks are willing to pay the exorbitant prices, high prices will continue to plague us.

    This particular review GGTS Review July 2010 model - E-Cigarette Forum IMHO says it all. A GG consumer who is no longer impressed with the direction the GG is going, has taken.

    I sure would like to find the thread where someone claimed that the Silver SB vaped better than the Black SB, that was hilarious.
  11. Lightgeoduck

    Lightgeoduck Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 7, 2009
    jp(APO)Camp Z us
    @GRIMM yes the super6 is a nice device

    @Switched.. I have the "older" version of the GGTS (2 to be exact) I also have the AFS v2 and the new an aluminum and brass telecopic tube

    I don't have the new version of the GGTS so I don't have an opinion on that, but the OP seems to be satisfied with it in his review thread and I respect that..

  12. reeftivo

    reeftivo Super Member ECF Veteran

    May 28, 2010
    Chino, california
    Thinking of eventually getting a GG but for now, the Precious Juice Dispenser is at the top of my list.

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