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Need help/advice

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by William Cox, May 5, 2020.

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  1. William Cox

    William Cox New Member

    May 5, 2020
    I bought a 5 pack of TX2 Freemax coils two days ago, before I swapped it out I was using a vanilla bean / peanut butter brittle / caramel juice, tasted fine but I needed to swap out my coil. I bought new juice, Blueberry Cake by Glas Basix . I primed the coil, let it sit for 20 minutes hit it , muted . I took a nap woke up to let it soak longer it didn't taste the same at all, muted. I put in a different coil, muted. A third coil, muted. I had a bottle of Blueberry Cake 1 week ago , I know it doesn't taste like this. I swapped out 2 coils, still the same. I can taste it when I put it on my finger, the juice smells perfectly fine, it was made in march. I don't know if its just really fresh or its the coils.
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  2. stols001

    stols001 Mistress of the Dark Nicotinic Arts Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    May 30, 2017
    Maybe it's fresh. Same setup with the old bottle? IDK what to tell you. If it's a steeping issue you could try a short heat steep although those can also be unpredictable.
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  3. vaper1960

    vaper1960 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Apr 24, 2019
    California, US
    Are you using the Twister? What wattage? What is the wattage range printed on the coil? The more info the better we can help.
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  4. somdcomputerguy

    somdcomputerguy vaper dedicato Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Welcome to ECF, William.
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  5. BrotherBob

    BrotherBob ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Dec 24, 2014
    Welcome and glad you joined.
    Suggest you try another known "good" flavor with these coils and see if there is still a problem. If a problem, may be something wrong with your coils. No problem with proven good juice, may be something wrong with the BCake. It may also help if someone can also taste both variations along with you.
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  6. RuiG

    RuiG Super Member ECF Veteran

    May 4, 2019
    Welcome to ECF :thumbs:

    Some possibilities like other members already suggested:
    -Bad coils
    -Not enough steeping in your eliquid
    -New eliquid works/tastes better using a different setup/wattage adjustment

    Stay safe.
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  7. William Cox

    William Cox New Member

    May 5, 2020
    Thanks everyone for the replies and information! Much love! I’m using a voopoo 2 platinum version for my mod , last night I swapped out my Bcake juice for the vanilla caramel juice , the vanilla caramel taste perfectly fine , you guys are probably right it needs steeped I think
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