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Oct 2, 2013
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Just a friendly reminder folks - store a set of backups for this program (and anything else you don't want to redo) on a removable medium - a disk (okay I'm an old tech support person - in all applicable uses of old) or USB thumb drive*, something you'll still have when your less than (or more than) 2 year old drive has a catastrophic failure.** This program is very easy to restore, as long as you have access to the 'save2_backup' file - in this case I was good up to October 2017 - you should do better than this.


I was generally lucky that when I bought that last laptop it was a replacement for one that was having serious display problems, and I kept the old one, so I had all but the last 2 years of documents and files, and that I'm enough of a stick-in-the-mud retiree that I didn't have a lot of stuff added*** during the last 2 years.

I've been stable enough about my favorite liquids that most of the flavors I make are older than 2 years so all that I lost was 2 years of tweaking and notes and one new flavor that I know the basics of - I just have to restart that one from scratch but so far it's gone back down to just 2 flavorings. I was able to restore everything before that

As I said, I did tech support for years, had a sign over my desk that said
"There are 2 kinds of computer users - those who have lost data and those who will."

And I got lazy about making backups, especially since drive quality has improved a lot over the last 20 years and you no longer expect to have a drive suddenly, completely self destruct. These days you're more likely to have a virus or malware wreck your files, but they can be guarded against.

* And keep track of that nice safe place you keep your backups at. Wouldn't have helped me this time (the drive was truly toast) but I had, when I bought that laptop made my official Windows 10/Hewlett Packard restore image - no memory whatsoever about where I put it 3 or 4 reorganizations of the end tables that hold all of my vaping stuff, most of my computer stuff and a lot of needed healthcare stuff.

** Extremely maddened to find out that this was a known problem, complete with a firmware upgrade to prevent it, but Hewlett Packard did nothing to let people who hadn't bought their expensive support contract when the warranty ran out know. You'd think they could have at least let users who registered with them know when that firmware upgrade came out.

*** Thank goodness I had given my daughter a copy of my favorite recipes, compiled from different sources, from 60 years of baking. I have them all in their original cookbooks, cards, magazine articles, etc. but am kind of proud of getting them all entered in a uniform format (about 350 of them now) to eventually be set up as a searchable database.


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Sep 26, 2013
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This is Rod's official google drive hosting the version, you guys were of no help here sadly.. i had just reinstalled windows and forgot where i usually download it from and had to find it the long and hard way by looking exactly everywhere.
JuiceCalculator - Google Drive

Sorry, I didn't see a request for assistance in finding the download file. I'm glad you were able to get it back though.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Been using this since the first release.
Best there is, and a reason I returned to Windows after a year-long fling with Mac and Linux.
Neither ran it very well, but gave the best performance in a virtual machine. 'Course, you have to have an actual copy of Windows to do that. Wine was too finicky, especially with printing.

I tried several times to run it under Wine but I never succeeded, would you mind to guide me how to do it as I don’t need to print.

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