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New policy for leaf vaporizers

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by rolygate, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. rolygate

    rolygate Forum Manager Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Sep 24, 2009
    ECF Towers
    ECF has changed the policy on tobacco leaf vaporizers and similar hardware. There are multiple reasons for this, including:

    1. In order to cover all THR options (tobacco harm reduction: alternatives to smoking), we need to allow discussion of tobacco vaporizing. Just as some people prefer Snus to ecigs, or combine their use, the same applies to tobacco vaporizers: some prefer them to ecigs, and some use both.

    2. THR is becoming increasingly popular and this means that all the different options will become more visible. Discussion of other options has always been part of ECF conversations in addition to ecigs, and we certainly don't want to discourage the use of THR products that help those for whom E-Cigs aren’t the full solution. There is no reason to ban discussion of Snus or tobacco vaporizers.

    3. Tobacco leaf vaporizers are gaining in popularity among smokers looking for a safer option.

    4. It is self-evident that tobacco vaporizers can be used for vaporizing other materials we don’t allow discussion of. We only allow discussion of tobacco-related or nicotine-related use and nothing else.

    5. There are many ways to use these new products for tobacco and nicotine delivery, and as far as we are concerned they are all legitimate forms of THR. For example, a leaf vaporizer head for an ecig can be used for HnB tobacco (heat not burn: vaporizing the tobacco leaf), or it can be used for mint leaf with e-liquid dripped on.

    The principal danger in all tobacco consumption comes from inhaling smoke caused by burning it. We are an ecig forum but our audience is comprised of smokers and former smokers with different needs and wants, and by catering for all choices at least in outline form we provide a better and more honest service.

    ECF will always remain an ecig forum not a tobacco users forum, but this should not stop discussion of other THR routes including methods of tobacco use that don't involve combustion. When the hardware is similar or almost identical, it makes it easier to support use by those who have not yet been able to switch fully, or for those who cannot successfully switch 100% to ecigs.

    What is now allowed

    Alt heads such as leaf, wax and oil vaporizers
    Complete units resembling ecigs for these new purposes
    Electrical-based devices that can operate dual-purpose
    Electrical-based devices for leaf vaporizing
    Electrical-based devices for wax or oil vaporizing

    Discussion of their use for 'leaf', 'dry leaf', 'tobacco leaf' purposes
    Discussion of use for tobacco/nicotine, wax or oil
    Discussion of use for specific non-drug use such as for example: mint leaves with e-liquid dripped on

    Links to our registered suppliers websites where they discuss other uses
    Suppliers can sell whatever they like on their sites
    Suppliers can discuss whatever they like on their sites

    What is still not allowed on ECF

    Butane-heated devices and similar
    Any drug use discussion, either in the open forum or in supplier threads or supplier forums (they can link to their own site and discuss it there)
    Use of terms such as 'herbal' or 'mary jane' to discuss use: we will discuss leaf or tobacco leaf, please
    Directions on how to use drugs in the equipment
    Links to drug sites (sites, not belonging to our registered suppliers, for specifically discussing alternative uses that we do not support)
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