New vs Old Opinions of the formula changes

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Arnold Ziffle

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Jun 2, 2009
San Quentin
i'm one who liked the old virus better than the new. i would have one kayfun with virus and one with half virus and half cannoli be one. the new virus mixes well with cannoli but the high vg of both is tricky so i throw in a third 20/80 unflavored and came out with a winner.

the industry has moved on to higher wattage and higher vg. i'm just an old curmudgeon who prefers mtl and 50/50. that being said i do have a squonker mech which i run a .25 and enjoy small cloudage around 20% of the time which brings me to say i really like sublime from puff one. i ordered two bottles to try and i will order some in a three instead of a six as it is too strong for me at higher wattage.

i'm now off to try and get it to play nice with a kayfun. thanks for all you do.
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