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Nicoticket Testing Results

Discussion in 'Nicoticket' started by Kent Brooks, May 21, 2015.

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  1. RuDawg7890

    RuDawg7890 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Every juice containing diketones on the NT site says: THIS LIQUID CONTAINS DIKETONES! IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS "CLICK HERE"...
    ..."here" being this thread.
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  2. mattxtra

    mattxtra Full Member

    Sep 22, 2014
    Dallas, TX
    Is Cure 2 really that high in diacetyl? Not exactly sure how to read D levels but it's way above the rest. That is pretty much my ADV.

    Oh, and first time poster; long time lurker. Been enjoying Nicoticket for over a year now
    ! Just waiting for some banana pudding again!!!! Best Juice Ever!
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  3. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Welcome from your long lurk! While the Cure 2.0 is the worst D offender in our line, even that result is very low. We don't consider D to be any more or less dangerous than AP, if that makes sense.

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  4. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    That should be on every product page, yes.

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  5. StealthyTX

    StealthyTX Hates brass Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 13, 2012
    Austin, TX
    I'm grateful that you are testing your liquids. Other companies either insist that they are Diacetyl/AP free but do not test, or have tested with a lab that I have heard rather unflattering things about. My current go-to vendor is one of the former, so sadly I am now vendor-hunting. Just made an order for Radioactive, Gravity, and Betelgeuse. I really wanted to try H1N1, but the test results held me back, for now. Who knows, maybe Radioactive will be my new tobacco-ish ADV and I won't need to try H1N1, or maybe I just need to educate myself more on Acetoin and then take the plunge.

    Bottom line, major kudos for at least giving me the chance to make an informed decision with honest facts, that alone is reason enough to at least try your product, not to mention the good things I have read about the flavors themselves.
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  6. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thank you kindly for the order TX. I think you managed to grasp the spirit of the testing... provide the information, be transparent, and let the consumer decide. I'm anxious to read the reviews!


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  7. Richu75

    Richu75 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 7, 2015

    Seriously tho, enjoy your juices. You've picked a fine selection.
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  8. Lacit1707

    Lacit1707 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 12, 2014
    I see results on page one are different than page 13.

    Which should we be looking at and will page one be updated?
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  9. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    There is some natural variation from batch to batch - comes with using 3rd parties for the flavoring. We use as much of our own flavoring as possible - but - we do employ some 3rd party flavoring. We're not going to update page 1 - we'll continue to post the most recent results like we did on page 13. The results are meant to be a general guide.

    I hope that helps!

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  10. Polcore

    Polcore Full Member

    Jan 1, 2011
    Is there any thing to compare the levels in the tests to? How do we know that those levels are not super high or super low?

    I did read a story about a guy who ate a lot of microwave popcorn and got popcorn lung. How much diacyl do you get from breathing in a fresh bag of popcorn?

    Hate to sound like a jerk but everyone in this forum seems to be saying that it's okay if you buy/sell poison as long as your honest about it... the bar is set really low these days I understand. People do suck and we're used to it.

    I might have missed that because I didn't read every single Post in this thread but I'd really like to know what to compare these test results to.

    And also FYI I'm somewhat of a Noob on this subjec but Been vaping on and off for years. Sometimes I feel like with cigarettes you know what you got. No they're not good for you but at least you know how much time is on the time bomb.
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  11. Megan Kogijiki Ratchford

    Megan Kogijiki Ratchford ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Jul 17, 2013
    Arvada, CO
    Someone will come up with actual numbers but what we see in the juice is WAY less than what one cigarette gives you, let alone a pack, let alone second hand smoke. Not sure on the actual popcorn reference but I do know that many folks are questioning how much the popcorn making or working around it caused the problem as there was no separating the smokers from the non-smokers in the paper used (at least from what I can remember...)

    Hopefully someone can clarify my weird ramblings...
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  12. 57chilicat

    57chilicat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 3, 2011
    McKinney, TX
    Hi guys! Not sure on the popcorn situation but I have yet to hear of any vaper being diagnosed with popcorn lung!
    As for comparisons, there are juices that are higher in dikotones and some that have no trace. Unfortunately most juice vendors have not even tried to have their juice tested at all! With NT we know what we are getting and as adults we can make personal choices for ourselves.
    There is a thread on the forum with a list of dikotones free juices if you go there for info.
    As to the comment about buying and selling poison, no one on the forum or the vendors states that vaping is 100% safe! But we must vape responsibly just as we should drink and eat responsibly!
    I for one would rather my juice be lower in dikotones than my cigarettes were! And e juice is much lower! But in my case the trade off of some level of dikotones is still better than the 500+ chemicals that cigs have and I certainly don't miss the tar that was filling my lungs!
    Is vaping 100 safe? Who knows! Is it safer? I would have to say yes!
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  13. Polcore

    Polcore Full Member

    Jan 1, 2011

    Perfect! That would be just what I'm looking for if anyone knows how much diacyl and or diketones are in tobacco cigarettes! Anyone?
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  14. Polcore

    Polcore Full Member

    Jan 1, 2011

    Just looking for some sort of a Baseline, a jumping-off point, Benchmark, of frame of reference for understanding what I'm dealing with here you know?
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  15. sonicdsl

    sonicdsl Admin
    Reviewers Mgr
    Asst Classifieds Mgr
    Admin Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 11, 2011
    Because the summary I found is on a competitor's site, I won't post the source here, but among three studies, the range in E-liquids for an daily consumption ranged from 9 micrograms to over 230. The infamous popcorn factory was 2765 per day (and they weren't even trying to inhale it!), and a pack of cig's in one day is about 6718. There is a thread about it in Media & General News from Dec 2015 (closed now): Diacetyl exposure graphed.

    I hope this helps! :)
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  16. 57chilicat

    57chilicat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 3, 2011
    McKinney, TX
    Hope it is OK to post this link here!

    This might help! There is more Google able info out there but this is a starting point.
    Once again, not saying vaping is Safe! Personally I wish I had never smoked and I hope to someday quit vaping, but I need a juice I like to keep me smoke free!

    Polcore, some of the NT juices that show very little traces are very good! You might want to try those first!
    And by the way, happy to meet ya! I'm Chilicat!
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  17. WharfRat1976

    WharfRat1976 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    May 31, 2014
    Austin, Texas
    Clark, how will the new Regs affect NT?
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  18. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    It would take a little research to come our liquid to other liquid, but from what research I have done, the levels are comparatively low. One of the things to consider is that diketones are being measured in the liquid itself - it's still up for debate as to how much actually comes through in the vapor.

    No idea here, honestly...

    Transparency is the route that we have taken. Giving customers they need to make an informed decision is paramount - it gives you the opportunity to avoid diketones if you wish. That said, most people don't care because there is nothing we could put in the bottle that would make our eLiquid anywhere close to as dangerous as a cigarette.

    I had a link to cigarettes - I'll have to dig that up... but, the results of over 6000 chemicals (including obnoxious amounts of diketones) results in a product that is significantly more dangerous than vaping.

    I hope that helps?
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  19. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    We are still waiting for the first confirmed case of popcorn lung in the vaping population - 9 million vapers, you would think someone would have come down with it by now. Even if a confirmed case does come down in the future, the benefits far outweigh the risks.
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  20. Kent Brooks

    Kent Brooks Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    The most recent data indicates that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking. I would emphasize chili's point there vaping is NOT 100% safe - there is nothing natural about cooking liquid at 400 degrees and inhaling the aerosol that results. There is no substitute for clean fresh air. The same holds true of soda - there is no substitute for water... but we drink lots of other substances that are clearly more harmful than water every day.
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