Om Vapors- Premium USP, and WTA Liquid. Two or More 120 ml for $9.99 Each! New Sales Weekly!

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Nov 1, 2018
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Happy New Year!!

120 ML Bottles "Starting" at $4.99

Om Express, Om Origins, Om Refresh, Om Reincarnation, and Om Chillers

30 ML - $1.99

120 ML - $4.99

Om Nic Salts

Try 15 different Flavors starting at $2.99

Fayette Reserve and Whole Tobacco Alkaloid

30 ML - $3.99

120 ML - $7.99

Umba Vape The Blends Line

News and Updates

No ID, No Problem

Ware using an age verification system to verify your orders with no more need to send a photo ID or submit any personal information beyond name, address, and birth date. An occasional order may be flagged by that prompts for an ID check. This encounter is rare, however, as over 95% of orders process normally, without this prompting.

Customer Rewards Program Live

Each $20 you spend gets you 5% cash back. That’s $1 you get back for every $20 you spend. There has never been a better time to place a big order, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Go ahead and get your last minute gift for that vaper in your family, and get rewarded!

How it works: Every dollar spent gets you 5 points back. A point is equivalent to a penny. 100 points equals $1. You can redeem points any time, once you have enough, by going to your account page and scrolling to the bottom. Click “Redeem” when you have enough points, and the rest is simple! Your redeemed points are in the form of a gift certificate.

Other Reminders

All our bases now come in black bottles to protect better against UV light breaking down the nicotine (to put it in the quickest, simplest terms). Remember to store your juice in a dark, cool environment.

We sell gift certificates online, from $1 to $100. You can redeem your rewards points for these certificates when you have accumulated enough. Gift certificates make great gifts, and can also help those of you on a budget stay on budget.

Don’t forget to leave us a review at:

$0.01 30ml Offers

You can receive a $0.01 bottle of our om express line, which normally retail for 7.99 AFTER YOUR SUBTOTAL is over $40.

WTA's (Whole Tobacco Alkaloids)
A staple of our business, something we believe sets us apart from most other online vape shops, is our line of WTA products.

Many vapers are former smokers, and recreating the taste of tobacco for you that are is often a necessary component for providing an effective cessation product.

Not only do we offer a variety of concentrations, from 0mg to 36mg, in both PG and VG, we offer both flavored and unflavored options. You can use the unflavored base to build your own custom flavors, or get our honey or our caramel vanilla WTA's!


Work Environment
All Om Vapors juices are mixed and bottled in a 400 square foot clean room with all stainless steel equipment and sufaces.

Our cleanroom features an airflow system with an output of 2000 CFM.

We use pharmeserutical grade lubricants and sanitizers to ensure we operate in a sterile environment, and anyone working in the cleanroom is overseen by our chemist and in full PPE.

Om Vapors products and producers are both held to the highest possible standards!

The Inception of Om Vapors

We started as two friends with a dream of creating fun, creative vapor products while attending the University of Kentucky.

After earning degrees in business and chemistry respectively, we became Om Vapors in 2015.

After months of flavor testing and preparation, we launched our business to the world November 2015 with just 5 staple flavors, the ones many of you guys have come to directly associate with our name, such as The Tiger, Mantra, and Mindful Monkey.

Now, less than a year later, we have dozens of flavors and multiple product lines, all prepared in an industry standard clean room by our mad scientist! We now employ a number of highly qualified and highly educated employees to help us keep growing and delivering the goods.

Each batch of juice goes through refractometry testing to ensure the highest quality e-liquid. Also, we tested our products through an independent, accredited lab to check for diketones and other known harmful substances found in tobacco products, which we DO NOT ALLOW.

Our ultimate goal is to get our community smoke free, enrich lives, and provide a fun, expressive recreation while doing so.

"Breathe Easy"
-Om Vapors staff

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Saint Patrick's Day Sale!

Scroll Until you reach the bottom for Maximum Savings!

Welcome to our E-liquid Sales and Promotions page. Here you will find the best vape deals. Whenever we are not having a sale the default deal is still an amazing $12.50 per 120 ML when you purchase two of our more bottles. There are also other ways to save money at Om Vapors through our, Giveaways, Rewards Program:

  • You Can refer a friend and get you and your friend $5
  • You can earn 5% cash back by purchasing
  • Share our Site on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Leave Reviews and much more!
120 ML Bottles are $7.77. All orders will receive at minimum 30 mL of extra e-liquid, some order may receive up to 240 MLS. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Drink and Vape Responsibly.

So now you can try out some of our more expensive lines for only $7.77 a 120 mL like:

Umba Vape Tastemakers

Umba Vape The Blends Line

Fayette Reserve

Om's Whole Tobacco Alkaloids

And all other E-liquids

Please note: We are not able to take requests and all extra vape juice will be random. The nicotine concentration of the 30 mLs will be the same strength or lower. Thanks in advance!

This offer has been extended until 3/14/2019

This sale applies to all 120 mL bottles on our site!
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