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Plasti Dipped Magneto

Discussion in 'Cosmetic Mods' started by KnightWolf, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. KnightWolf

    KnightWolf Full Member

    So my Smoke Magneto is my everyday mod and it's really starting to show! The finish is almost completely worn off so I figured I'd plasti dip it. It's my 1st time using plasti dip, but it came out pretty good. It's hard to see in the pics but the finish isn't quite perfect, there's a few blemishes. I originally sprayed everything but the silver part that the switch is in. Unfortunately because the plasti dip is so thick I had to peel it off the inside of the lock ring and part of the button to get a smooth operation. Also when threading the extension tube it bit into the plasti dip a bit much and peeled it back, so I pulled it off. Looks nice with the gold-ish finish with the black around thou, so that kinda worked out.

    20141116_153348.jpg 20141116_153251.jpg 20141116_235432.jpg 20141117_000650.jpg

    Full gallery @ Plast Dipped Magneto - Imgur
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