Problem with Carto - need advice pls

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Oct 10, 2011
Derbyshire, UK
    Good morning all.

    Still fairly new to this but need a little advice.

    I am using KR808's and am getting on great with them, I like carto's as they seem to be the easiest option for me and are lasting quite a while, this is where I have a problem, I purchased some prefilled cartos and some empty ones along with a range of liquid when I started and as per manufacturers instructions have been keeping the prefilled ones topped up with matching liquid, one is coming to 2 weeks of use, was fine yesterday but today tastes awful and the vapour is very hot, swapped to another carto that I have a different flavour in and that is fine (albeit this one is only on day 10).

    Since I have little experiance here I was just wondering if this is normal and the carto is at the end of its life or if I've done something wrong, I do think that 2 weeks is an excellent life span for a carto with a moderate vaper.

    Thank you all in advance
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