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Project Sub Ohm Saucecode

Discussion in 'Sub-Ohm' started by Clark Kent, Jun 29, 2015.

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  1. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 25, 2014
    Metropolis Il.
    Just got the Project Sub Ohm Sauce code Tank, So here is a few run downs of what I have found so far.
    1. Top filling
    2. Works with Atlantis coils and Lemo coils.
    3. Great Flavor and Vapor on par or better than the Artic
    4. Comes with a rba coil (this I have not to experiment with yet.
    5. Comes with a extra Glass tank. ( That you will to need see Cons)
    6. Adjustable juice control (also see cons)
    1. You will need to use the Extra glass if you try to clean it and some o-rings as the tank seems to be glued to the o-rings and did not but budge until breaking, they may have to fix this in the future.
    2. No clear directions on how the juice flow works, took only a dry hit and error to figure out you need to tighten the top piece all the way for maximum flow. At first I thought the coil it came with was junk and on the second try I put a Atlantis Ni 200 coil in it and figured it out. I have yet to try a fresh Sauce code coil on it so those I can't comment on quite yet.
    So in conclusion, I would say this is a very good tank for flavor and vapor, But still not without some minor flaws most have. Next up? What will Mondays offerings bring to help drain the vape budget.
  2. alicewonderland

    alicewonderland Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 28, 2012
    do you happen to have any other tanks? I know saucecode lists that their RBA section is backwards compatible with the atlantis and melo, But I know there are some tanks out there that use atlantis coils as well. I was wondering if they fit any other tanks other than the Atlantis and Lemo.
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  3. Cullin Kin

    Cullin Kin Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 28, 2014
    The 3Oh!3, Colorado
    You two mean Melo right?

    Anyways, I saw this in my email. Thanks for the breakdown!
  4. bsoplinger

    bsoplinger Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I got a pair of these and had the same overall impression. Nice tank, like it more than my Arctic and the missing directions about the juice control suck because I too had horrible, nasty dry hits until I went online to find a comment about the control and how it works. So I was surprised to see a very negative comment about it in another thread.

    Seems that its designed with a floating positive pin in the 510 connector. If you use it in a mod with a spring loaded 510 connector the floating center pin doesn't provide enough of a consistent electrical connection. The mods reading of the resistance ends up jumping all over the place.

    I've put my SauceCode tanks on a Sigelei 150W and IPV 4 and have gotten great results. The 510 connector on the IPV 4 adjusts manually so the connection there should be solid. However the Sigelei 150W is spring loaded. But I still get a good solid electrical connection. The resistance reading is consistent and correct. So I can only assume that the floating pin on the SauceCode only causes issues on certain spring loaded 510 connectors. But I'll leave my comments here in case someone else with a problem can find this info.

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  5. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 25, 2014
    Metropolis Il.
    There is a thred in here that states there is a slew of tanks that accept the Atlantis coils, but not the other way around for instance the Atlantis coils will work in Freemax/ Maganus, Lemo, Hercules, Saucecode, and a few more.
    I am runnig mine on a Snowwolf and from what I get the ohms do jump +and- but not by much. this is because the Snowwolf reads in real time as a lot of other devices lock in and only show the locked reading. I am not to sure if this is correct but it seems to be working great, In temp mode. In wattage mode with a kanthal coil the ohms stay the same.
  6. bekka

    bekka Full Member Verified Member

    Mar 19, 2015
    Tulsa, OK
    I got the SauceCode also. I like the top fill feature. It is very easy. It has good flavor and I absolutely LOVE the wide range of available coils! The tank should come with a user manual because it is very hard to figure out the juice control. The RBA comes already set up and ready to use (kind of) but make sure you test it on an ohm meter before putting it on your mod! Mine was built wrong (it was supposed to be .5 ohms) and read .1 ohms. The RBA is easy to build (I think) and I haven't had any problems with dry hits or flooding from it.

    I have however experienced some leaking from the airflow valves. What I do to stop it from leaking is close the valves and put my fingers over them and suck in hard on the drip tip. Sometimes I have to do this twice to get it to stop leaking but it always works for me. I have several sub ohm tanks and Eventually (I hope) I will find one that does not leak!!

    My biggest problem and what has kind of turned me off on the tank was dealing with VaperDNA's customer service dept. I had a very hard time and had to really fight with them (and had to get extremely rude which I hate) to get everything that was listed as coming with the tank.
  7. athens

    athens Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 5, 2013
    United States
    I have saucecode and triton. Triton has better airflow. Saucecode has max airflow. More like a dripper. I use triton rta for vertical coils and it's great with 3mm diameter nickel coils. Holds a lot of juice. Con: drip tips must be short to sit flush and it has lots of airflow. Tip: mess with juice control of your using max vg or thin juice. I didn't start doing this until about a week ago.
  8. Stryker336

    Stryker336 Full Member

    Oct 4, 2011
    Anyone no longer using this tank and willing to sell me a replacement glass section?
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