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provape ZAP vs AC9

Discussion in 'Requests for Opinions/Reviews' started by skywalk, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. skywalk

    skywalk Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 31, 2009
    has anyone tried these 2 atties? Which one would you recommend and would you care to share your experiences please? the price difference between the 2 are negligible so I want to go for something durable and dependable.
  2. eRob_

    eRob_ Full Member Verified Member

    I own them both, and love them both. Originally the plan was to buy both and and keep the one I preferred while selling the other. I can't part with either. The setup seems to be easier on the ZAP, and it is a beautiful piece on top of the provari. However, I love the AC9 because of the huge wick hole (3.5mm). If my wife found out what I have spent on these atty's and forced me to rid of one, it would be the ZAP. I use the AC9 for my all-day juice and the ZAP for my secondary juice that is not vaped near as much.

    ZAP Pros:
    -Well machined
    -Quartz tank - durability with different juice types and seems to be pretty solid with small light drops.
    -Easier to attain (Provape restocks about every 2 weeks, and you can get updates on provapes facebook page)
    -Draw is not airy as it is made out to be. I switched from GG Oddyseus using 3.5mm wick and quickly got use to inhale.
    -Comes with wrapped coil installed. Upon opening just pour juice and vape.
    -The wide base allows you to keep atty upright easily when not on pv.

    ZAP Cons
    -Extremely thin wick hole if you choose to keep the insulator in. I took mine out after tasting a slightly burnt plastic taste while vaping the pre-made coil. I'm not sure if the taste was from the insulator or the machining oils still on device. The wick hole is a decent size when insulator is removed however.
    -Top cap pops off super easily. When the atty is dry the cap seems very snug, but once condensation comes into play the cap will pop off if you look at it funny. Many times I am carrying my atty from room to room only to realize the cap popped off in the previous room.
    -Cannot order tight draw cap - if you find the draw to airy.
    -Not travel friendly

    AC9 Pros
    -Again great machining.
    -Awesomely large wick hole. Originally purchased this just for 1/8 ceramic wicks.
    -Easy install of coil once fully assembled - see cons
    -Top cap does not come off unless you want it off. The machining on the cap is superb.
    -You can purchase a tight draw top cap - I did purchase, but found that the draw is too tight for my liking. You do get better taste with the tight draw cap however.
    -Tank is fully insulated. No need to oxidize bottom of wick which keeps your juice from darkening.

    AC9 Cons
    -Assembly is a PITA. The screwing of the positive post to the insulator in 510 connector is a slow and painful process. If you don't change flavors often this may not bother you as with a genny it last a very long time.
  3. JohnCPT

    JohnCPT Full Member

    Oct 28, 2012
    South Carolina
    I was thinking of getting a AC9 myself. I just got a hold of a ZAP about a week ago and I love it but you're right about the wick hole. Eventually, I gave in and popped out the insulator and all is well. I haven't had much of a problem with the top cap but in all fairness I'll periodically (once every few hours) wipe off the condensation from the o-ring and inner cap to to keep the friction going. Otherwise, I love it. Just wish I had been able to find a ZAU to make it more versatile. Does look great on my Provaris though. I really like the fact that the AC9 has an isolated tank. As far as set up goes, I don't think it would be a problem for me. It might be a pain, but for some strange reason I actually ENJOY building the wicks and coils for genesis atomizers. Just a shame that the two of these devices are so hard to find. Well....find IN STOCK I should say.
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