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ProVari Lanyards

Discussion in 'E-Cigarette Accessories Discussion' started by milliways, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. milliways

    milliways Full Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    As you'll see in the photos, I have a satin black ProVari Mini V2.5. I chain vape so find I'm normally using it with an 18650 with a Tatroe ring and extension cap. Occasionally its got an 18490 with the extension cap, and since I don't like carrying a pocketful of batteries I rarely use it in stock 18350 mode. But I've always got it on a lanyard around my neck.

    So I've found myself collecting cases... My first was the lanyard from ProVape; it's amazing they can build such a fine device and then pair it with such a piece of crap of a case. That mistake was quickly followed by "pouches" from Gepetto Mod's Shop in Poland. Next came cases from Parish in Russia. And though I have a mod sleeve and holster from Tim at SerenityGear, neither are suited to a lanyard so I'm waiting on delivery of a couple of his "flexi-sleeves".

    That lanyard from ProVape quickly went in the garbage, so first off the ProVari Pouches from Gepetto Mod's. I have both his 18490/18650 and 18350/18490 (Mini) pouches. Each has an webbed nylon strap that allows adjusting between two lengths using a dome snap at the front of the device. Here's a couple photos of the 18350/18490 pouch with a ProVari Mini with the 18490 extension cap, with the case in the longer of its two modes:

    gm-p-e-1-fr.jpg gm-p-e-2-fl.jpg

    Here's the same case with the ProVari Mini with its standard cap, so the case is in the shorter of its two lengths. The first pic shows the dome snap open to get an idea how the adjustment works, the second shows it closed:

    gm-p-s-1-fr-o.jpg gm-p-s-2-fr.jpg

    That webbed strap is a single piece; it runs from the snaps on the front, up and over the top front of the case, down the front length of the device, across the bottom cap, up the back length of the device, then holds the D-ring and is sewn to the back. Quite a nice idea. However as you can perhaps see in the photos there's a bit of play in the webbing at the top front, since the two dome snap positions don't allow a fine adjustment of the strap length. So as the case wore in and the fit became less snug the weight of the device tended to drag that loop down, causing the button to catch on the case:


    It would be *much* better if the pouch used Velcro instead of dome snaps, to allow a better adjustment.

    Since I can only attach 5 photos per post, I'll continue with the Parish cases in the next post.
  2. milliways

    milliways Full Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Next the cases from Parish. They make a wide selection of cases for the ProVari, each with a variety of options. I got both the V02 "Pipe" and V08 "Dragon". The pictures on the website give you a much better idea of the construction than I can.

    First, the V08 "Dragon":

    p-v08-s-1-fl.jpg p-v08-s-2-br.jpg

    I don't find the "Dragon" very practical. It's primarily intended to attach to a belt through the loop on the back, and those domes bump into the device so I imagine could scratch the top ring of the ProVari. That little strap to hold the tank can be removed, but if you do the device doesn't balance well on a lanyard, and with the strap on I imagine it could scratch a tank. All in all, not for me.

    Next, the V02 "Pipe":

    p-v02-s-1-fr.jpg p-v02-s-2-fl.jpg p-v02-s-3-bl.jpg

    The "Pipe" is darn near perfect and the only one I use of all these cases. The workmanship is top notch, the leather is supple, and it fits the ProVari like a kidskin glove.

    And again, since I can only attach 5 pics per post I'll continue with yet another post to this thread...
  3. milliways

    milliways Full Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    So here's what the Parish V02 "Pipe" looks like in its daily configuration with my ProVari Mini, a Tatroe ring and extension cap. Note this isn't the lanyard the case came with; I found all the cases come with pretty lame straps:

    p-v02-e-1-fl.jpg p-v02-e-2-fr.jpg

    As I said I bought a mod sleeve and holster from SerenityGear, but neither are meant for a lanyard. I'm waiting for a couple flexi-sleeves to arrive. Judging by the quality of the cases I've received the craftsmanship is superb, and I assuming the flexi-sleeves are of the same construction. Comparing the SerenityGears and the Parish, the SerenityGear is more rigid and like a fine saddle, whereas the Parish V02 "Pipe" is as I said like a fine kidskin glove.

    Perhaps when the flexi-sleeves arrive I'll amend this post to compare the lot, and see what becomes my daily carry-about.
  4. milliways

    milliways Full Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    As an aside, the Parish cases are available in a variety of leathers. The cases I ordered were all "Gloss black 1.4 mm", which as I said is like what you'd find on kidskin gloves.

    And now that this is my 16th post maybe I can reply/post in the ProVari forum...
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