Question about Evolv DNA 12 double stacked?

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Feb 22, 2010
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    Hi guys, I am planning on making my own mod, as my Prodigy v3.1 is starting to show signs of wear and tear. Anywho, does anyone know how to wire up the DNA12 with another DNA12 and use the charging circuit as well? I plan on doing that, adding heatsinks, maybe an LCD screen, and a microcontroller to set the pot voltages and provide readout of the atty resistance and output voltage/current, temp of the DNAs, etc.
    I might just make the entire mod using an arduino, but I'll need a more powerful power source than the arduino can provide. I dunno, just brainstorming. Has anyone attempted something like this? I might also try using an supercapacitor as a buffer between the battery and the output so that it can discharge all the current it needs for a 5 second drag. Basically, I wanna make a Darwin clone that is souped up and pimped out, hopefully in as small a package I can fit it in.
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