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Question about next Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Ask The Veterans' started by brawas, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. brawas

    brawas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2014
    GTA, Canada
    Hi Vets

    My question is regarding my next setup and what I am looking to achieve. Here's the history:

    I started with some cheap Kanger evod bc knock offs. After all the gurgling and leaks, I stopped by a store and bought some replacement 2.2ohm genuine Kanger coils. It got better, but I was looking for something better. I tried some CE4 top coils and had much less leaks. I found that you should store top coils upright, and bottom coils upside down to minimize leaks. Any how I ended up getting a genuine Innokin itaste vv v3.0 and I've been mostly happy with it, but there's still something missing. With the Innokin, it came with 5 top dual coil iclear 16s. I also bought a Davide canvape glassomizer BDC. So currently I'm using my 5 iclears and my davide with different flavors in each.

    What I'm missing is a CONSISTENT VAPE. Sometimes, it's just perfect with huge clouds, lots of airflow and flavor. Sometimes the flavor is muted, sometimes the airflow is less, sometimes the vape is less, sometimes it tastes burnt, sometimes too much TH and sometimes not enough TH, and so on.

    From reading around these forums, I almost decided on getting a Provari with Z Atty Pro. The reason I initially thought this was the way to go, was because someone on here said that if you use a Provari with cheaper attys or clearos, that you don't really gain much, and that a Provari with a Z Atty Pro is the ultimate best. However, then I read that the Z Atty Pro is a hassle, lots of recoiling, holding a certain way, storing a certain way, etc. I'm looking for a hassle free setup. Just fill and vape, occasionally replace coils, clean, etc.

    Furthermore, all the rave I read on these forums about Provari are regarding build quality, battery life, high power etc. What I want to know, is will the Provari give me a better tasting, consistent, cloudy vaping experience, and with which Atty, clearo, etc can I achieve that hassle free? I'm not looking for higher power, I currently vape at a power between 6-7 watts, and sometimes go up to 8, but I don't need to go any higher, I find the TH gets too harsh afterwards. So if all the Provari setup is going to give me is the ability to go higher with voltage and power, not what I'm looking for.

    Basically what I'm saying is that if I'm going to get the same vaping experience and taste that I'm now getting from my Innokin, but better quality, battery life etc, then it won't be worth it for me. But if Provari paired with the right equipment can give me a consistent outstanding vape experience, then it will be worth it, but which atty, clearo, etc do I pair it with? I don't mind rebuilding coils and I'm pretty good with electronics, but I don't want to be doing it all the time on a weekly basis. To give you an idea of my usage, I currently average about 1000 puffs a day. I've been vaping since New Years day and had the Innokin for about 15 days now. I use 18mg juices from NYX ecigs.

    Sorry for the long post, and if this is the wrong place to post, please advise where. Also, please don't tell me to google and search the forum, cause I've been doing that, but haven't found the answer to my specific question. Just run into fanboy arguments, and rants and raves about build quality and high power setups.

  2. Ryedan

    Ryedan ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 31, 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    You said you average about 1000 puffs a day. That is one a minute for about 16 hours. I'm going to assume you meant 100.

    IMO all you're going to get from any 'better' PV or battery performance wise is a bit more power consistency from fresh battery to empty and more power available. The itaste v3.0 makes nice stable power without the 33 Hz fluctuations some other devices have. If you're happy at 8 watts max, concentrate on the juice delivery devices, or toppers.

    As long as the battery supplies enough good power to drive your topper, toppers are responsible for the quality of the vape. There is nothing on the market right now that is plug and play consistent. All coils and wicks get gunked up from vaporizing juice which makes the vape lose flavor, vapor and TH. It can tighten draw in some devices and give you burnt hits in all. All this hardware requires learning quirks and tricks and doing the maintenance required to keep you vaping happily. Clear, non sweetened juices gunk the least. There is a huge difference in how gunky juices can be.

    The toppers you are using are all clearomizers. They are the most maintenance intensive. Cartomizers in tanks are better, there is no maintenance to be done, so replace when the vape degrades. They can be had for around $1 a piece but with the gunkiest juices you might need a new one every day. I vape about 4 ml a day and I have gone two weeks on one with clean juice. Performance is noticeably better than with clearos. This is my opinion, some people hate cartos with a passion because they can not make them work right. Then again the same is true for clearos ;)

    I suggest you leave rebuildable devices like the Z Atty (Genisis type RBA) alone for now. I did not go that route until I had a dependable vape I could count on while I learned how to set up Gennies. Rebuldable drippers (RDAs) like the IGO-L are much easier to learn, but you are wrapping coils on wicks and they require constant dripping to use. Canvape sells the IGO-L for $12 so it would not be an expensive experiment to try. Then there are the Kayfun types. I have a $13 Rocket clone from Fasttech that works very well for me. It took me a couple of tries to learn how to set it up, but it has been really nice since. I run all my RBAs and RDAs on mechanical mods at higher power than you have available with the itaste, but I've seen people be happy with a Kayfun at 8 watts. I'm finding the Rocket to be quite consistent through its maintenance cycle. But again, some people have a lot of trouble with any of these devices and end up hating them.

    If I were you I would stick with what works the best out of what you have now, get a good understanding of the issues and try to make it better. You might be surprised how good it can become once you have the quirks and maintenance figured out.

    Then try carto tanks. They are not expensive. You'll be starting over with new hardware so be prepared to take the time to learn how to work with them. Look up Baditude's blogs on ECF and read the ones on cartos. He is our resident carto tank expert :).

    Good luck with it :thumb:
  3. SirSteve

    SirSteve Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 10, 2012
    Northern Indiana
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