Questions, comments and observations of my new GGT and AFS

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Jun 3, 2009
I want to begin this post by saying that overall, I really do like the GGT. I have been using it regularly since I received it. I think it is a very good set-up and provides a decent vaping experience. It certainly seems to be a keeper. This is no way meant to bash the unit or Imeo for that matter. I will say I am a bit disappointed with the finish of the unit. Considering the amount of money charged, I did expect a bit more “polish”

So, here goes…

1st, my order with was fulfilled very quickly and their follow-up was fantastic. Thank you! I highly recommend them and will be ordering again.

2nd. The GGT does seem to be well made and I applaud Imeo for his engineering ability. However, the GGT I received does not look the same as the ones pictured. I am a photographer, so I understand that anything can be made to look great in pictures. However, there seems to be some loss of quality in production contrary to what I was hoping to see and according to the design in the photos. The caps (brass bling) are not “finished” and just seem to be ground flat.

The machining between the different parts also seems to be different. The groves on the inscribed part of the unit seem to be much more pronounced that the other pieces.

Attached are photos of my unit and promotional photos that attracted me to the GG.

No to beat a dead horse, but for the price of the unit, I would expect at least the same if not better finish than some of the $99.00 units I own.

3rd, I had the understanding that the unit was sealed and that juice would not enter the unit. This has not been the case. I have on a number of occasions found juice inside the unit itself.

4th, The AFS. I really like the idea and have had varied success using it. I have had the best luck using it at 3.6(7) volts. However, it seems to leak constantly. Kind of reminds me of an old Land Rover I used to haveJ. Is there a fix for this?

As far as high-voltage vaping (6v) with the AFS, I get a burnt flavor most of the time. I tried adding more juice directly to the atty (dripping) but as soon as that gets used up, that burnt nasty flavor keeps coming back. The AFS/atty just can’t seem to keep up with the juice demand that comes along with HV vaping. Is there a fix for this? I understand hole position (Up and down etc…) User error is possible, I just can’t figure it out. I have tried everything I have seen in the videos etc…and still no luck.

Please help.


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Feb 13, 2009
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Hi my friend serrada

Thanks a lot for your kind words my friend:)

I will say some things that I have said before but maybe you have missed
them in this big forum!

1) The finish is not important because you can do it yourself. I let the unit
semi-finished and not a mirror one so anyone can shiny it. I also pay 3
times more the engraving because I want it deep so anyone who wants
to finish the GG can do it without the fear that engraving will disapear.
There are people that dont like shiny things for several reasons like the
oil of the hands stick on the surface all the time or because small hits are
easily visible in a shiny surface. So I give the ability to my people like you
to keep it that way. If you have a shiny device you cant make it mat
properly, it will be a mess, but you can do a mat device shiny.

2) As for the cost and what you receive: You receive a unique for everyone
hand maded product so you understand what that means to cost, but you
have the strongest and most reliable device in the market and maybe the
best support by me and this forum. Dont let the finish to stop you of using
this exellent unit. Also you have the ability to make the finish you want
very easy, the info about shiny finish on this forum is really huge.

3) As for the pictures. The picture is always a picture so a photographer
like you, know this better than me. I never had a product in my
hands that was exactly the same as the pictures. But because we dont
want to confuse anyone here, the finish is really good. I dont know what
you expect but its not mirror for sure.

4) The machining is the same but I made one day the bigger piece and the
other day the other ones. I dont think that anyone can see a diference
but if you try hard to see something then you will see.

5) The 99 dollars units would be at 99 euros but the rate is different. But
why to compare the GG to other units only about finish? This isnt the big
point here, I am sure you know that. Many things are shiny like the new
905 but after 5 mins they are dead.

6) If you see a leakage inside the GG its because I made a moving center
pole, so the pole cant push hard the atomizer to damage it. Also with this trick you can never loose the contact between GG and atomizers poles. But I stopped this issue in GGTS new locking liquid cap that will come seperate with GGTS for anyone who wants the adjustable draw feature, even if the moving part still exists for other reasons too exept for the pressure to atomizer. (I have to say that this cap dont exist, I will make it in 2 weeks)

7) AFS dont leak at all. The leakage is from the atomizer and its holes. You
see a leakage because you overfill the atty trying to get a not burning
taste but you cant do that in 6 volts without my new HV atomizers. So
please dont overfill the atomizer because if you overfill a new car's
refrigarator then the water will come out for sure.:)

The taste is ok at 3,7 volts as you said because those atomizers are
made for 3,7 volts and not for 6 volts that we want to preassure to them,
but soon with imeoatties you will have the pleassure you want.
I am here for any other questions my friend:):)

ps...... after all that we discussed, I see that your pictures shows an exellent GG there. Can you please show me what you think the problem is?
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